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The Kiss

Copyright protected photo by Val Dutter, titled, Wild-Mustang-Love. No use without written permissions from her. The image is of me, kissing this sweetheart filly, #1099, that I see every week on the tour. She is so full of love and affections, its hard to believe she was wild in February!! The last tour is next Thursday, and horses will be moved to adoption venues. Older horses will be moved to long term holding in the mid-west. Please call the BLM in Palomino Valley, Nevada, for adoption interests. Many are seen on my photo stream and also their tag numbers, which you will need to file an adoption request. Internet adoptions for certain Calico horses, will begin on July 14th I believe. You can get horses into this adoptive funnel by requesting to adopt a certain tag number! Please view my stream.

All horses will be removed from this facility very soon. Mares with foals will stay until the foals are weaned.


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Uploaded on June 5, 2010