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How Three Waves Of Cybersecurity Innovation Led Us Here | by cabriolet2008
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How Three Waves Of Cybersecurity Innovation Led Us Here

We live in a world where it appears to be a matter of when, not if, an enterprise is breached. Billions of dollars have been spent on beefing up cybersecurity, but the bad guys keep winning. Securing even a small organization seems quite hard. How did we get here? Is there hope? The computer industry has had to fight against evolving sophistication in threats throughout its history. I have been working in cybersecurity since the early '90s, beginning in college when cybersecurity and the internet were still in their infancy, and in 2015 I started a third-generation cybersecurity company where I currently serve as CEO. We can point to two historical shifts in cybersecurity market conditions that led to a step up in the complexity and scope of attacks and consequently fueled fantastic innovations. With both innovative waves, there were early adopters and laggards — with consequences for who got breached. We are right in the middle of a third major transition in cybersecurity, and by understanding the changes happening, you can be better prepared to protect your organization. The Early Days (Through 2005) Up until 1995, the internet was quite small and most of the valuable inform

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Uploaded on October 11, 2018