Giant Floating Cigarette Is Her Best Friend

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    "True Experiences" magazine
    September 1935

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    1. mcudeque 46 months ago | reply

      I'll never let you down...unlike that guy in the mirror! lol

    2. novice09 46 months ago | reply

      This ad seems kinda creepy...especially when I think about addiction in retrospect. I never smoked Lucky Strikes but I sure befriended some other brands for more than forty years...and now I have COPD. Hey, what are friends for.

    3. saltycotton 46 months ago | reply

      novice, when I first saw this ad, I thought about how innocent and harmless they made it all seem, back then. It all seems so reckless of the tobacco companies, now. I have a relative who remembers how the military handed out Pall Malls to the guys like candy, back in the day. He has COPD and lung cancer, now.

      So sorry about your COPD. I hope it's under control for you.

    4. novice09 46 months ago | reply

      Yes, it did all seem innocent and harmless back then. And in fact I believe the cigarettes were actually different. I'm a firm believer that the tobacco companies altered the cigarettes somehow making them more addictive. I can recall in the fifties many people who were "social smokers"...smoking only when they would go out or at parties and then go days and days without. Anyway, I actually think I enjoyed almost every cigarette I ever smoked...I was able to quit four and half years ago and the COPD doesn't affect my life too much...yet. Thank you.

    5. saltycotton 46 months ago | reply

      So glad you're OK, novice. My dad also has COPD, and we didn't think he'd still be around at this point. But he walks daily, religiously! 2 to 3 miles. The dr.s say that's why he's still around.

      Take care of yourself! :-)

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