"What a Wonderful Present for Her!"

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    "Better Homes & Gardens"
    December 1958

    1. autumnsensation 70 months ago | reply

      That would make me want to smack someone.

    2. bwptf 70 months ago | reply

      How did they get under the tree?

    3. cathemoel 70 months ago | reply

      'Tis a nice rounded appliance, though. Would have guessed 40's rather than 50's.

    4. saltycotton 70 months ago | reply

      autumn, I'm with you! And the majority of the Christmas ads in my stash of magazines are suggesting to buy wife or mother household items! Maybe Father should receive a box of nails or a bucket of paint as his Christmas gift. ; )

      bwptf, perhaps it came unassembled?

      cathemoel, I do see the round edges. But the '60s are just around the corner, and that'll change all of that.

    5. retro-dad [deleted] 68 months ago | reply

      saltycotton actually, the old magazines are chocked full of "handy" gifts for dads ranging from power tools & mowers, to shirts & ties...

    6. saltycotton 68 months ago | reply

      Mother & Father just couldn't win at Christmas, could they retro-dad?

    7. retro-dad [deleted] 68 months ago | reply

      only the kids had the cool ads with all those toys!

    8. CookieKnits 66 months ago | reply

      What do you mean "a wonderful present for HER?" She isn't going to be doing the dishes. She is going to show the five year old daughter how do to them. "Come on, sweetie. It will be fun. You can play at being the mommie."
      Then suddenly, it's not so much fun anymore. I'm 8 years old, and I haven't had a night off in three years, and... oh, sorry. Flashback.

    9. saltycotton 66 months ago | reply

      Maybe the caption was intended for the daughter, then?

    10. gumaro3 63 months ago | reply

      My Mom had the '58 Kitchen Aid built-in, under-the-counter model in the family's new home. In those days, a dishwasher was a status item; most people still washed dishes by hand. She was thrilled to have one and yes, it had a stainless steel front, as did her Tappan wall oven and cooktop. What goes around comes around.

    11. cndparker 60 months ago | reply

      I would love to get that for a Christmas gift today. What a cool piece!

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