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    Ok, so I went half-yellow with these.

    Yellow helps make green orks stand out better than blue, red is too clashing with green, so I think it is a clear winner.

    What do you think?

    The question now is:
    This, or grey?

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    1. swellsington [deleted] 35 months ago | reply

      This is a true statement, brought to you by Chris.

    2. FateHeart 35 months ago | reply

      This for sure. :)

    3. pasukaru76 35 months ago | reply

      This, Bad Moon Orks FTW.

    4. [Maks] 35 months ago | reply

      Nie znam się na tej grze ale całe szare o niebo lepsze. Bardziej bojowe i bardziej pasują do orków.

    5. Shadow Viking 35 months ago | reply

      Perfect :)
      The killakan looks right badass in Bad Moon Yellow. The truck is great as well, the grey bed and checks were a good call.

    6. Dunechaser 35 months ago | reply

      Definitely yellow, yes.

    7. Genghis Don 35 months ago | reply

      This is yumtown.

    8. Marin Stipkovic 35 months ago | reply

      This all the way!

    9. Cole Blaq 35 months ago | reply

      The yellow and the checker pattern reminds me of the NY taxies.

    10. The Big Rafalski 35 months ago | reply

      Ok, I can dig this. I like the blue cab with the grey bed better, but the added brown looks so good with the yellow, you can't argue with that. This looks great.

    11. Hikaru755 35 months ago | reply

      Definitly this. This color scheme works perfect for these orcs!

    12. Mezbit 35 months ago | reply

      Easily, this!

    13. AlterEvo 35 months ago | reply

      Your WH stuff is awesome... in any color! =P

    14. Ribbitz 35 months ago | reply

      I love this so much. It's fantastic.

    15. NIRDIAN 35 months ago | reply

      These look awesome. So YELLOW! :D

      Does yellow do anything BTW? Like, make them inflammable or deadlier or something?

    16. Jerac 35 months ago | reply

      More noticeable, which is good for Orks. Other than that, no.

      I bet if they discovered that fluorescent yellowish-green-radioactive-like paint which is commonly used for safety equipment, they would paint everything in this ;)

    17. kaitimar 35 months ago | reply

      Space Marines have different colour schemes, so why not Orks. I love it. All of it.

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