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(C) 2019 Gerard Blacklock, all rights reserved


Its like chasing that phantom ghost up the hill.


At some stage we as a human race are gonna have to swap the whole continual growth thing for something else, like sustainability, you can sit there and argue about how many people a city, a country a continent or even the planet can sustain, but at the end of the day at some stage, humans, as a collective have to accept there will be a end to continual growth and the evolution to something sustainable.


I personally don't hold much hope for that, whilst we are an incredibly advanced and intelligent species we are also also incredibly dumb.


Its interesting to look at which (developed nations) have zero or negative population growth, of course freakin iceland is up there, they are like the kiwis, just seem to do everything better ;) Japan is also pretty high on the list, one could probably argue that these two countries have achieved some sustainable level of existence..greenland is another, but really, who the hell would wanna live in greenland anyways. :) sorry Greenland, im sure its actually a really beautiful place :)


I'm putting my money on that the human race is gonna go the same way as the dinosaurs.. what's kinda scary is that the fact in my lifetime the growth and changes have been absolutely crazy, irrespective of whether you believe or agree with climate change the simple fact is that humans are having a substantial impact on the planet, on the very thing that keeps them (us) alive.. thats my nutter rant for a tuesday evening

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Taken on January 13, 2019