Dolorosa -- Bayan, Malolos, Bulacan

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    The antique processional image of the Dolorosa, from Bayan, Malolos, Bulacan. Shown dressed in its Holy Wednesday garments.

    Photographed in its custom-made urna, and after complete refurbishing and restoration by the Vecin Workshop in July 2008. As a result of this restoration, this image has not looked better at any time in its existence than at present.

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    1. Jvlian 70 months ago | reply

      vecinized... looks to me that it lost its antiquity.... what do you think?

    2. Leo Cloma 70 months ago | reply

      The old encarna was just too ugly -- it was not even in oil, it was only in enamel, and of course that wasn't even its original encarna.

      So I preferred that that dubious "antiquity" be foregone, and it instead be replaced with a traditional oil encarna, more becoming and far more appropriate to the exceptional beauty of this sculpture. Mr. Vecin kindly and very generously donated his services absolutely free in this regard.

      The old rostrillo was too constricting and served to conceal, rather than highlight, the image's face.

      And as for the garments -- the old sets were just too garish and folksy. This traditional dark red and dark blue combination for Holy Wednesday (and all-black for Good Friday) from Ramon Gutierrez are probably closer in appearance to what were typical for Dolorosas in the Philippines a hundred years ago.

      (Some might be saying that more than Vecin-ized, it's been Cloma-nized. Ha ha ha.)

      The full story in a future article on my website.

    3. ` ®© ROBERTO CARBONI 70 months ago | reply

      Wow, you're really doing amazing work,congrats

    4. drexmsantos 70 months ago | reply

      i like the " ugly " encarna and the "garish" and "folksy" garments better. :-)
      but still.. thank you mr. vecin for generously donating your services :-)

    5. Leo Cloma 70 months ago | reply

      That's okay, Dexter, I know you did. Ha ha ha.

    6. drexmsantos 70 months ago | reply

      yes leo.. many of us like the old one.

    7. Leo Cloma 70 months ago | reply

      Fortunately, those who like the previous (ugly and not original) incarnation of this image are not amongst its core stakeholder-devotees, whereas those of us who are greatly pleased with its current appearance (which I assert is closer to its original) definitely are.

      This initiative having been completed, I suggest that we all move on to our next projects, of which I trust that there are several in the pipeline for Holy Week 2009.

    8. drexmsantos 70 months ago | reply

      wala lang.. opinion lang po..
      opinion lang ng isang non core stake holder or devotee..

      puwede naman siguro yun..
      im sure alam mo yan leo coz marami ka na rin namang na commentan na santo kahit hindi ikaw ang stake holder/devotee.

      so pag tapos na ang project.. di na puwedeng commentan? nagtatanong lang po..

      cge eto na.. mo move on na ako! :-)

    9. Leo Cloma 70 months ago | reply

      Oh no, everyone and his uncle are welcome to comment candidly on other people's projects -- after they are completed, and even in the course of their completion -- as I myself enjoy doing very much (it's one of my major recreational activities!).

      What I only wanted to suggest was that once a project has been completed, and even as we give our candid assessment of its outcome, we simultaneously disabuse ourselves of any illusions that we can affect the results further in any way.

      (In the present example, everyone needs to accept that the old ugly encarna is gone forever, and that the old sets of garments and metal accessories are gone too, never to be used again, at least on this image.)

    10. drexmsantos 69 months ago | reply

      leo.. i have accepted the fact that old encarna is gone forever..
      wala namang nag cocontest dun..
      or wala naman nagsasabi na ibalik yun..
      wala namang mag rarally in front of tita glo's house na ibalik yun..

      wala akong sinasabing pangit.. maganda sya.. (i believe one of mr. vecin's best dolorosa) sinasabi ko lang na mas gusto ko yung dati..

      this feels like your pagkarapa.. pag may mga ganitong comment.. kung anu ano na sinasabi mo.. pero pag di mo santo.. you say whatever you wanna say... kahit harsh words...

      kahit hindi ikaw ang stake holder/devotee?
      kahit alam mo na u have abused youself of any illusions that you can affect the results further in any way...

      sinabi ko lang na gusto ko yung dati.. pero u answered with sarcastic and defensive comments ...

      pasensya at espesyal sa akin ang dolorosa ng malolos... bayan.. at kahit ugly encarna/beautiful encarna , new/old garments.. i will love her..

      sinabi ko lang na mas gusto ko yung dati.. yun lang...

    11. Leo Cloma 69 months ago | reply

      Indeed I can and must say whatever I want to say, and there is no such thing as harsh or not harsh with me -- only candid and honest. Even with subjects or objects of which I am not a stakeholder. After all, I am an enthusiastic critic, and criticism is one of the activities in life and work that enervates me. (Sarcasm is one of my tools of trade. Defensiveness is not part of my program but is perhaps suspected by some readers -- fair enough.)

      In fact EVERYONE is entitled to a candid and honest response as well (save low-brow and fishwifey comments). And the foregoing exchange is fairly good case in point, I feel.

    12. EidRiELGwaPito 56 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called COFRADIA de la MATER DOLOROSA, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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