Castle Comfort Centre

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    Home of Castle Comfort Stairlifts, High Street, Wolstanton, near Newcastle-under-Lyme. I took this picture thinking that it was possibly once a pub (The Castle?), but it turns out that it was previously a branch of the National Westminster Bank (it's called Bank House) and a cafe before that.

    1. humorous cats [deleted] 101 months ago | reply

      Fascinating, it really does look like it's been a pub. Amazing assortment of windows and styles.

    2. Lost-Albion 101 months ago | reply

      And there appears to be a sort of thermometer on the side with a (blank) LCD readout above.

    3. roberto.simpson.t21 100 months ago | reply

      I'm Keith the founder of Castle Comfort Centre and Castle Comfort Stairlifts. Many people do think the building was a pub. As stated it was the Nat West Bank branch (previously District Bank) and Carrs Cafe before that. The only similarity to a pub is that I am in one every night when I finish work. Next door was Barclays Bank - now Wolstanton Medical Centre. I changed the windows when I bought the abandoned building in 1997. They are PVC - honestly. Nobody wanted the building for 2 years when it went on the market so I so I offered £30,000. My good friend John Ogden of Wolstanton spotted it and told me about it. Eventually they accepted £45,000 I think it was. Nat West left me 3 big safes, which I sold to Birmingham jewellers. A man name Roger from Clayton took them out for me and delivered them. He is a genius. So is Jeff Dean the joiner who did up the whole building. He'll get an MBED one day for that (more beer every day) Ann Bruce of Nat West was my business manager at the bank. I kept her, and she is the most valuable asset Nat West ever let go. That’s why they have gone bankrupt. She now runs the business with me.
      The thermometer and clock I bought in Spain has broken now so I put a big picture of a stairlift up. A nice new village clock is coming soon for the corner. For Wolstanton historians search 'Henry Faulds' - he invented fingerprints - was born here. He has a plaque in our courtyard. There is also a pet memorial wall for lost pets. Anyone can come and have a look and take some photos. Please take leaflet home for a special chairs or bed or stairlift - you may need one one day.

      Thanks to whoever took the picture. It's lovely.


    4. Lost-Albion 100 months ago | reply

      Keith; many thanks for your comments and for the history of your building. My eldest son used to live locally, so on a visit last year, I walked into Wolstanton to take some pictures. As I said, I thought that this could have been a pub and took the photograph. The building was more interesting than I had thought!

    5. roberto.simpson.t21 100 months ago | reply

      You are welcome to come and take more photos anytime. Meanwhile see the story of Henry Faulds and his commemorative plaque unveiled by the Chief of Staffordshire Police. And also our 'absent friends' section on our website -


      your are also on Twitter now!

    6. roberto.simpson.t21 100 months ago | reply

      Oh, and I forgot we owe it to a gentleman who lives in the village names Jimmy Joyce for finding out that Henry Faulds was born here. I didn't believe it at first because Jim, like me drinks quite a bit.
      But it’s true and Inspector Stephen Thirsk of Newcastle under Lyme Police came to Castle Comfort Stairlifts and unveiled the commemorative plaque. It’s all in Wikipedia – see -

      to read about this and other fascinating facts about Wolsanton and my little company. Actually with 18 chairlift offices in the UK and 2 in Spain it’s not that little anymore
      Finger print enthusiasts come here in buses to take pictures of the plaque and talk about fingerprints. I always wondered what people who didn't go to the pub did instead!


    7. stephenauker 100 months ago | reply

      I know this building very well indeed and have had a guided tour around the many twists and turns inside. This came about because Castle Comfort Stairlifts were actually my clients and I was brought in to do their SEO for the search engine natural listings on

      Since then we have become good friends and the company now sponsors my charity running for Cancer Research UK for whom I have so far raised £30,000 from my goal of £50,000.

      If you look at the photograph you will see a large poster on the corner of the property of me sitting in a stairlift wearing my blue charity running shirt. So it seems I have also been photographed LOL


      Charity Runner and SEO

    8. bentleygreen5 100 months ago | reply

      I've walked past here before and even though the outside looks like a big Edwardian house or business there is a courtyard to the side, just past the silver car in the picture, and that actually looks like a Spanish villa courtyard. You have to see it to believe it. I'm guessing that the owner having 2 Spanish offices as mentioned above must have had an influence on it.

    9. roberto.simpson.t21 99 months ago | reply

      Para los espanoles

      Soy Keith, el fundador del centro Castle Comfort y Castle Comfort Stairlifts. Mucha gente piensa que el edificio era un bar. Como se indica, era la sucursal del banco Nat West (anteriormente District Bank) y la cafetería Carrs anterior a éste. La única similitud que tiene a un bar es que yo estoy en uno de ellos cada noche cuando termino de trabajar. Justo al lado estaba el banco Barclays –ahora es el centro médico Wolstanton. Cuando compré el abandonado local en 1997 cambié las ventanas. Son de PVC –de veras. Nadie quiso el edificio durante dos años cuando lo pusieron en el mercado, así que ofrecí £30.000. Mi buen amigo John Ogden de Wolstanton lo descubrió y me lo comentó. Al final creo que aceptaron £45.000. El Nat West me dejó tres cajas fuertes grandes, las cuales vendí a Birmingham Jewellers. Un hombre de Clayton llamado Roger se las llevó y las entregó por mí. Es un genio. ¿Entonces es Jeff Dean el que remodeló todo el edificio? Algún día conseguirá un MBED por ello ( more beer every day! - más cerveza cada día). Ann Bruce del Nat West era la gerente del banco. La mantuve y es el valor más preciado que el Nat West dejó escapar. Por eso han ido a la quiebra. Ahora ella lleva el negocio conmigo.
      El termómetro- reloj que compré en España se ha roto así que he puesto una gran foto de un salvaescaleras. Un reloj precioso de un pueblo nuevo esta por llegar para el rincón. Para Wolstanton los historiadores buscan “Henry Faulds” – él inventó las huellas dactilares- y nació aquí. Tiene una placa en nuestro patio. También hay un muro conmemorativo para animales de compañía perdidos. Cualquiera puede venir y echar un vistazo y sacar fotografías. Llévese un folleto a casa de sillas especiales, camas o salvaescalesras- podría necesitar una algún día.

      Gracias a quienquiera que tomase la fotografía. Es preciosa.


    10. roberto.simpson.t21 99 months ago | reply

      On Saturday 2nd October a group of detectives from Tokyo police came to photograph the Henry Faulds plaque at Castle Comfort Stairlifts.They are celebrating a hundred years of using Dr Faulds' fingerprint technoogy and want to place a statue in the village.

      More on this soon with photos and the Radio Stoke broadcast that followed on Tuesday 5th.
      BBC TV are coming too. We'll all be famous in Wolstanton!


    11. Doffydel 99 months ago | reply

      Nice to see such a good pic of this building - as mentioned above by Keith it was the NatWest Bank years ago - and the branch was much more popular than the main Newcastle branch, primarily because of the superb service!! It was sad to see the building empty and apparently forgotten, then it became Castle Comfort Centre and things have never looked back, once again there is a superb standard of service provided by those wonderful people within the building. I could hardly believe the way in which they helped my Mum when she needed it most - a stairlift was installed in less than a week, and Keith himself came to bring her flowers and make sure all was well on the day - he even loaned her a wheelchair out of the goodness of his heart. Castle Comfort Centre is an asset to the local community and has certainly beautified an already notable building.
      Adele Wilbraham

    12. Doffydel 99 months ago | reply

      Me alegro ver este foto y me acuerdo tambien de los dias cuando el edificio fue el Banco NatWest. El servicio fue magnifico y fue una lastima cuando se cerraron las puertas.
      Que suerte cuando Castle Comfort Centre llego !! Otra vez un servicio magnifico y gente con corazon. Hace dos anos mi madre estaba enferma y despues de hablar con Keith, dentro de una semana se instalo una salvaescaleras y Keith llego el mismo dia con flores para mi madre. Conocemos hace anos la calidad de sus camas y sillas, pero todavia nos sorprendio tal servicio y generosidad. Un edificio interesante que otra vez contiene un servicio sobresaliente.
      Adele Wilbraham

    13. roberto.simpson.t21 98 months ago | reply

      Castle Comfort Stairlifts Headquarters has been a delightful place for me to concentrate my effort over the years of administering the Group's 'Good Deeds Fund.' It's restoration has been a remarkabkle achievement.

      Dr Neil Stirling M ChB

    14. roberto.simpson.t21 74 months ago | reply

      And now the pic is even seen Tweeted!]

    15. leo682 74 months ago | reply

      No sabia toda la historia de Castle Comfort, sobre todo eso de que Ann trabajaba en el banco, mira que fichaje. Pues muy lindas las fotos del edificio. Sigue asi Castle Comfort !!

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