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Playing with fire gets you burnt. And I’m still burning.

The emotion: Yaz - Midnight


[High emotional impact song - must listen. This unofficial video sucks btw, so don't look at it.

But the sound quality is great]


I recently reconnected with an old friend on the Internet. I met her when I was younger. Aw, those younger years where everyone was looking for love; melting hearts & breaking hearts. I remember making a tape for her with this song in it. She loved it! I use to play this song repeatedly while driving very fast on a lonely road alone by myself to nowhere.


She's from Turkey. I just found out that she named one of her kids Yaz.


Funny how music impacts our lives.


The lyrics:

Midnight it’s raining outside he must soaking wet

Everyone is sleeping tight

God knows I tried my best

Darling you know it looks bad

Just lost the best thing that I ever had

Still I don’t know why I did him wrong

It’s too late now he’s gone to say


Baby oh no, can’t leave me now

Said think about it please

Cos I love you and I need you

And I should have thought of that before I did you wrong


Heartache, heartache, yeah

When I saw his face I could see how bad I’d let him down

Cheating when he was working hard, I just had to mess around

I knew from the start he ain’t got much money

I should have stayed content with all that good sweet honey

He’s a good strong man and I love him so so how on earth can I let him go


And now it’s midnight it’s raining outside

And I’m soaking wet, still looking for that man of mine

And I ain’t found him yet

Well all of this rain can wash away my tears

But nothing can replace all of those wasted years

In all of this I tell you I have learnt

Playing with fire gets you burnt

And I’m still burning


You say you’ll lose your pride

Well don’t you know dear, don’t you know

I’ll lose so much more if you go now

Oh no...


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Taken on November 21, 2010