max and his moby wrap

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    1. Isaacsmama 48 months ago | reply

      My son would only sleep in a sling or my arms! Man was I glad when that stopped ( he was at least 4 months old). But, I treasured that time with him for sure!

    2. One Flew Over... 48 months ago | reply

      Nothing like a sleeping baby x

    3. Sew Peachey 48 months ago | reply

      A baby carrier really is the only way to get by! Even at 9 months, I'm still carrying my girl around!

    4. Midwest Family Life 48 months ago | reply

      moby's are awesome!

    5. mamabearmakes 48 months ago | reply

      Max looks very comfy.

    6. Bijou Lovely 48 months ago | reply

      ahhh he is so precious!!

    7. ms moniker 48 months ago | reply

      Oh my goodness he is cute! Lucky you he likes the carrier--for some reason my babies just hated them.

    8. tayzzmom 48 months ago | reply

      I bet he's thinking, "ahhh, I can feel and smell mama, and I can hear her heart beating, just like I used to!" He's so adorable. I wish he was within kissing range. I just can't resist babies. Maybe that's why I had 7 (including a set of twins)! I sure am glad I can't get pregnant anymore.......that baby hunger can be contagious........8-) xoxo Linda

    9. weddywoo 48 months ago | reply

      Oh there he is. Get an Ergo for the next stages... THEY ARE THE BEST!!!

    10. UncommonGrace 48 months ago | reply

      I loved my Moby so much I wore it out! I'll have to get a new one if we have another baby.

      (Note: I wore it out after using it with multiple babies, not just one!)

    11. Sandra Wittmann 48 months ago | reply

      He is adorable! I carried my son until he was 2, first in wraps or a Beco, then in MeiTais that I sewed myself. Enjoy that time :) All the best to you and your baby!

    12. Pear Tree Stitching 48 months ago | reply

      LOVED my Moby wrap! Seriously the best... especially for grocery shopping with little baby :-)
      When he's a little older he'll like to face out and see where you're going.... yay!

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