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Men as Machines | by Viewminder
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Men as Machines

I spent some time under Chicago's Wacker Drive today.


It's a construction site.


They're demolishing the old Wacker Drive and rebuilding both the lower and upper streets.


I grabbed a hard hat and my camera and just walked all over the place under there.


At first people ran from the camera...


they ducked outta the way everytime I'd go for the shot.


Nobody threw me out though...


So I just kept at it until the workers kind of ignored me.


Then I shot a couple up close and showed them to the guys.


It really lit 'em up.


Even the boss lightened up for a minute or two and let the guys enjoy them.


They work a tough job.


The conditions are incredibly dangerous.


There's stuff moving and flying and falling all over.


Rubble and debris from the demolition make it difficult to walk...


and easy to fall.


There's dust in the air that destroys young lungs.


Big machines that'd crush you without remorse are moving around in the dark.


The men yell and swear as they swing hammers and move materials.


It sounds like a bar fight.


Until you listen more closely.


Then it sounds like a song.


A song men have sung over the ages...


as they work with their hands and their muscles and their backs...


to go home to their families sore with cuts and abrasions and dust all over them.


These are the men who trade their bones and their muscles and their vitality and health for a paycheck...


so they can raise their children and support the ones that they love.


So you and I can have a smooth street to drive on.


They work day and night for some pretty good money...


but I've watched the toll it takes on them all of my life.


It's tough work.


It's hard on the body.


We should all appreciate the job that they do.


Some of them don't make it home to their families alive.


Faces under the street

Chicago 9.27.11

35mm 1.8 cropped square witht he contrast and expo demolished


Workin' Man Zombie

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Taken on September 27, 2011