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    Faces on the street
    Chicago 4.2.11
    35mm 1.8 SOOC 'cept crop

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    1. edpuskas 49 months ago | reply

      Cute shot, very well done!

    2. L.E. Erickson 49 months ago | reply

      very cool shot. such an animated expression. love it! "why need i a word, if one letter suffice?" (rewrite of a ralph waldo emerson quote)

    3. Feldore 49 months ago | reply

      Ha, brilliant and funny and a bit philosophical...

    4. Eliza Frydrych 49 months ago | reply

      Cool expression :-D

    5. Undun [deleted] 49 months ago | reply

      Yes, Y? And Y not?

    6. gonzalezteresa33 49 months ago | reply

      I love this...great portrait!!!

    7. afer92 (very busy) 49 months ago | reply

      Wonderful portrait!

    8. bytegirl24 49 months ago | reply

      why not? :-) very nice portrait

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    9. Lance Merry 49 months ago | reply

      Excellent shot.

    10. Northernstar28** 49 months ago | reply

      I love her expression :)

    11. katemcguire 49 months ago | reply

      Great candid. Where did the "Y" come from?

    12. Maureen Bond 49 months ago | reply

      now that is a great title!

    13. Viewminder 49 months ago | reply

      Thanks you guys! This is gotta be my favorite photograph ever. We were walking by the Chicago Theater... man... that sign is so beautiful and it's been photographed so well by others that I never even point my camera at it because I don't think I've got anything new to treat it with...

      But then... miracle of all miracles... the gods of the street shootin' miscreants smile down upon me and what do I see...

      It was like a ray of light shined down from the heavens and all of the angels sang.

      I love when the angels sing.

      It's all 'heavenly' and sh!t.

      Oh man... I couldn't believe it...

      Forget that crossin' at the corner B.S... straight across the street dodgin' cabs and stuff...

      The dude was changin' the sign and he had all the letters just layin' on the sidewalk.

      I got some great shots I'll be posting this week.

      I've never seen any like them.

      I started playin' around with the letters... no doubt seeing if I could manipulate them to say something offensive...

      But that's the 'old Viewminder.'

      And then I thought maybe I should take a couple and run...

      But this girl was so nice and I wanted to impress her with my honesty and decency and I didn't want her to see me running from the cops you know?

      I told her 'I wanna take one of these... I mean... these are famous letters... lets just grab some and run?'

      Then she kinda gave me that look... it's one I'm very familiar with... kinda like ummmm... friendly chastisement... and she picked up that one and gave me that look... and I took the picture.

      Man... I totally wanted to do some felonious flight with the letters V-I-E-W-M-I-N-D-E-R...

      I was overcome with decency... it was an exciting and unfamiliar feeling ... I mean...look at that look!

      But after I got that look I realized deep in my heart that stealing was wrong and it was something that I shouldn't do if I'm trying to impress a girl.

      I will admit that after we said goodbye that I really wanted to go back there...

    14. grahamfkerr 48 months ago | reply

      Y not , i like it nice street stuff

    15. Tomas Photography 47 months ago | reply

      Cool shot, i like it!

    16. Petur 42 months ago | reply

      So cute ... bravissima !

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