Do Not Fear 'The Kiss of Viewminder'

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    This man was afraid of 'The Kiss of Viewminder.'

    Sometimes my approach to street shooting is a little shocking to the subject.

    It's only happened a few times...

    But I feel really bad about it.

    When I come out of nowhere with that D300 shooting 8 frames per second I guess I can be kinda scary.

    It's not like I was hiding and jumped out at the guy though.

    We were both just walking down the sidewalk.

    As soon as I see a reaction like this through the viewfinder I stop and apologize.

    I try to be as mellow and unobtrusive as I can... especially at night... but there have been three or four people who got scared.

    I'm sorry. You have my sincere apologies.

    Faces on the street
    Chicago 3.26.11
    35mm 1.8 SOOC

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