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Skimming the Water With the Birds... This is Living | by Viewminder
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Skimming the Water With the Birds... This is Living

After another amazing day on the water under a warm sun we head back to the house on Valona.


The winds of the day have settled... the waves have all layed down and the sun has just begun it's spectacular lightshow for the evening.


We travel towards it with a flock of birds, watching them and their reflections portrayed on the smooth water's surface.


No one else but us were there to enjoy this moment... no one for miles... just us and the birds and a dolphin or two...


This is life.


This is living.


I don't care about all of that other stuff.


Give me a couple of these days every month... I'll be good.


This is what sustains me.


I don't need a big house or an expensive car... I don't need a closet full of suits and a bunch of associates I'd rather not associate with.


To me... this is what matters... living is about doing what you've got to do to find yourself in a place like this as much as you can.


This is the place my soul becomes whole and my heart belongs.


This is my cathedral.


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Taken on February 20, 2011