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A Great Spotted Wooodpecker who stops on the feeder on the porch by my office window.... this shot was taken about 25 minutes after he had Kamikazied into the window pane, my theory is that he was coming in so fast he couldn't make out a landing spot amongst the confusion of the profusion of tiny blue tit youngsters all twittering around the feeder, so he just soared on thru... Nooooooo! THUD! ..

I went outside, to inspect the crash landing, when i saw him i was certain he was dead, all legs and wings akimbo in the ivy bush! .. but as i pick him up he shook himself out of his temporary shock-coma , i held him long enough for him to calm down and re-orientate , then released him, and he was off!...

i was so releaved :)....

then , as i say, not more than 20 mins later he was back, With his good lady wife, feeding for the young together again.

She, i felt, was keeping a close eye on her over zealous partner (see next image)

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Taken on July 18, 2008