• Say hello to palpitations.
  • I wonder if these California Raisins became California wine HAH
  • *Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding*
  • Mr. Dressup: RIP
  • Did I shave my crotch for this?
  • You want me to shave what?
  • I need to learn to sow... all the crotches in my pants are going!
  • If you don't have chancre sores, this will give them! Nah just kidding.
  • I need to start making my own preserves before everything becomes genetically modified.
  • For days when waking up early was cool!
  • Salmonella anyone?
  • Don't you just hate it when your cigarettes break? hahaha
  • My balogna has a first name...
  • Somehow I feel dumber after reading their books.
  • If it's liquid, it ain't paper HAH
  • No kitchen should be without WD-40.
  • Turning sex into a Rubik's cube for over 30 years.
  • Burning nipple?
  • Biohazard is getting your ass infected by public transit seats.
  • Costing men their left nut for over 25 years.
  • I think this is just flavoured chalk... really.
  • On my shit list.
  • Isn't Ponderosa's the place where they used below-grade meats and added meat tenderiser to it, thereby making customer's teeth fall out due to tenderising of their gums?
  • I thought I was born with it; but alas it's Maybelline :(
  • HEY those are my graham crackers.
  • 15$ for a brush cut? OUCH
  • He-man!
  • Power tools... ARGH ARGH ARGH!
  • Ahhh.. other people getting hurt. Nothing like it.
  • Mmm bulk candy... straight to my thighs.
  • TAG stinks... you can't get what's in an 80$ bottle in a 6$ spray can.
  • Did anyone ever solve the tetris cube? I quit trying months ago lol
  • If you have tampax in your house, you got yourself a girlfriend lol
  • Way to beat it: scrape off stickers and put them where they belong :D
  • It's Gore-Tex!
  • Beastiality.
  • Ninja turtles wahoo.
  • Very cool DS game. Just like old school.
  • Social site for dogs (i.e. anonymous butt-sniffing).
  • I love my label maker. Had it for 10 years, never changed the batteries since (neither the ribbon for that matter).
  • Whatever happened to taking a map with you?
  • When things need to get greased up.
  • I dunno what this logo stands for, but it was on one of my toys a long long time ago.
  • Not a bad reader, but who's THAT obsessed with abs? lol
  • Save the animals :( They become extinct because you touch yourself at night. :(
  • Comfortable chair, I love it. Though I hate the squeeking.
  • MM z-28 awesome.
  • Dependable USB stick.
  • I wouldn't trade my paper agenda for a palm pilot.
  • Alma mater... sorta.
  • Used to love pretending it was a beer bottle when I was a kid lol
  • CBC radio - maybe I'd listen more if they didn't play music lol
  • Pound puppies were cool!
  • G-spot?
  • It's only real if a cow wore it.
  • It was a good store, though pricey.
  • Keep your smog and humidex to yourself lol
  • Not for sniffing, just for sticking.
  • Fragile... sorta.
  • Care bears, part of a 10 year wake-up routine.
  • I love self-checkouts! *BEEP*
  • You callin' me fat? hahaha
  • Gamecube - used it about 3-4 times lol - busy :(
  • Oh yah.. I feel comfortable with airliners with props. Say hello to flocks of birds.
  • We'll jack up your limits to astronomical rates!
  • I like superstore.
  • Where one can do impulsive shopping until midnight.
  • Yah. Stuff on infomercials at 2am.
  • I wonder if they do cleaning 'donations'.
  • Where you can get 4 bags of stuff for 20 bucks.
  • Gratuitous sex and violence :)
  • My sketchbook.
  • You're not the only one that keeps on going and going. Think of those on viagra now!
  • A little pricey for a notebook, considering the trees for making it come from this very country.
  • El dopa.
  • Remind me to never sell childhood toys :(
  • Permacharts: trying to put 700 page textbooks into two sheets of plastic.
  • We need one of those around here.
  • I provide moonlight *wink*
  • YAY pictorial dictionaries.
  • mmmm Jos. Louis.
  • Old Ontario Hydro logo: thanks for the 35 billion dollar debt by the way to Ontario!
  • If they make Techni-cal food, they're on my shitlist.
  • How could they use an adverb in a town's name trying to make it sound cooler?
  • Alcoholised liquid candy eh... alright. I'll have one.
  • We just had to give that away too!
  • Do I really need to put the decal in my back window? What next? A box of Kleenex? lol
  • MMMM cookies.
  • I must have serious B.O. or something. They last for a week lol
  • Microwave popcorn sucks :(
  • Be honest. The odds of your charity lottery are like one in 3 million right?
  • Gadget!!
  • Cleaning with powder for over 50 years lol - oh! I have to add water? lol
  • Imagine trying to sow one of those.
  • Sports all night? What kind of philosophy is that?
  • Is it really Swiss chocolate or are you pulling my leg?
  • Smarties make me smarter. This statement alone reflects my burgeoning intelligence lol
  • How do they correlate a former French general with a BBQ grill?
  • We can't let anything happen to boobies :(
  • Ventilation revolution?
  • Always forget to use it.
  • Where people can bench-press me.
  • Oh yah. I feel comfortable with a bank with no branches.
  • Had one of their piggy banks growing up. I guess they knew I'd have to save from then on for gas.
  • Life? More like death brand. This drug is 'promising', take it.
  • Stay away from my thighs.
  • I spy with my little eye... a turbine. lol
  • Oh yah, I can use NOS, considering people go 60 KPH on a 90 KPH highway.
  • What do they do when they go to sleep? Count gorillas?
  • Scissor logo that looks like an up-side down uterus.
  • I used to hide in their clothes racks lol
  • Good running running shoes. I lost like 200 lbs over 8 years and they're still holding strong.
  • Meh, overrated.
  • Not a bad truck, thought I only have Freightliners as another reference.
  • 19K? 4B?
  • How the hell do you pronounce this anyways? I imagine there's an O with a line across it missing?
  • What do they lick?
  • Wonder bra... i mean bread.
  • Condiment or sexual disease? lol
  • Oh ya... spreading cow shit all over... very healthy lol
  • Passe-moi une Scott towel.
  • I tried turning it up and ripping the knob off but the stereo fell off the shelf :S.
  • I love miniature houses lol
  • There's a philosophy I can live with. Throw your dirty clothes in a whirlpool and never see them again!
  • Yes. They are reliant on making your guests' nipples lengthen due to cold air.
  • I don't know why they complain of gas shortages. Every time I go to the stores people pass gas. Harness THAT! lol

my life's logos v.2

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More logos, this time approximately 275 give or take 10. I also put a Waldo from Where's Waldo? in this collage. I also accidentally put 2 Mack truck logos, find em both. lol Try finding him ;) Rated PG-13 lol Feel free to add sarcastic notes to logos you know lol.

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  1. Dean Martin (simplyred4x4) 70 months ago | reply

    Great work, my daughter ended up finding Waldo. Cool to see all the local places too.

  2. captcreate 70 months ago | reply

    @simplyred4x4: thanks :D

  3. Rag and Bone Man 70 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Reklam kokan hareketler... I smell an advert!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  4. Rag and Bone Man 70 months ago | reply

    offff! this must've taken hours... what with all the notes... :-))

  5. captcreate 70 months ago | reply

    AyG: I always do such projects when I have a lot of stuff to do... I'm a procrastinator lol... but yes took a while ;)

  6. captcreate 67 months ago | reply

    Thanks for favs everyone! :)

  7. captcreate 65 months ago | reply

    Thanks! :) I got another two somewhere in my stream made by yours truly :D

    Thanks for favs everyone!

  8. krista's*retro*muse 58 months ago | reply

    My 10 year old twins and just spent the last 25 minutes looking thorugh your fun menagerie of logos.
    We played a game of guessing what the product was for each logo and also hunted for Waldo.
    Thanks for the fun time!

  9. captcreate 58 months ago | reply

    HEHE... i had fun doing it but it took a few hours ;) thanks for stopping by

  10. datruss 50 months ago | reply

    Thanks for sharing this with a CC license! I used it in a blog post, 'Product You', and gave you full credit.

  11. captcreate 50 months ago | reply

    Thanks! And thanks for recent favs everyone! :)

  12. eyes-down [deleted] 24 months ago | reply

    Thanks for letting people use this. I thought you'd like to know that I used this collection of logos as part of an introduction pic in an article I wrote about cool logos. For some reason I love to look at logos to get inspiration, maybe others do the same thing as I do?

  13. Mind Alive 11 months ago | reply

    Very cool.i see alot in there that I use daily!S P I T F I R E !

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