• mmmm Pizza Hut .. *drool* :)~~
  • mmm cookies
  • Micro machines!!
  • no i don't have any itches or fungi lol
  • good drawing stuff there
  • Ironic how they use trojans for condoms when the Trojans were the ones invaded lol
  • I like paper too much, I won't get one.
  • How many add-ons do they have so far? ^o)
  • Don't have, but want.
  • Comfortable!
  • Alma mater.
  • *poke* HOO-HOO!
  • Is it really worth paying money for radio? :s
  • Too much caffeine!
  • I love my carry-all!
  • I want one!
  • I want one!
  • Blog blog blog...
  • MMMM chips.
  • Choo-choo
  • YAY net phone..
  • ARGH ARGH ARGH power tools :D
  • I want a urinal in my house - less splash back lol
  • MMM locally owned pizza
  • WHIP that horse's ass - nah just kidding!
  • Never went into that store, just liked logo lol
  • I wonder how many i have...
  • No I don't wear those.. they're too small anyways... not that I've tried em'.
  • Haven't tried this in 8 years.
  • Good sweatshirts.
  • Pass when you can! 93 KPH speed limit for those boys.
  • There's a version coming out on DS :o - wonder what that'll be like.
  • Fine Canadian discount store.
  • "There is no atomic bomb in the canisse!"
  • Had the printer for years!
  • Meh.. prefer Unigel ones.
  • Handy!
  • Watch out for speedtraps!
  • Speaking of which, I could really use a few washes lol
  • They don't make em' like they used to.
  • Dunno why I keep buying plastic containers - they're all over!
  • MMMM candy!
  • I got heartburn pills now.
  • I could use your help around the house!
  • MMMM X-tra crispy fries.
  • Didelou!
  • Let's kick some ass!
  • What the deuce?
  • I can't believe some people buy these for 10x10 feet wide lawns.
  • Mmm oreo blizzard!
  • fleur-de-lis
  • This stuff's cool!
  • Haven't watched a game in 15 years lol
  • Supporting troops doesn't mean you support government policy!
  • No wonder they make so much cash I'm on there all day.
  • That's this site!
  • A little too small those cages for most animals...
  • No complaints!
  • Looks like a scorpion on a plate.
  • Cat food!
  • How could people wait so long for a coffee at a drive-thru; I'd go nuts.
  • I miss NES and SNES.
  • Kramer: "My boys and flippin' and floppin'!"
  • Remember when they used to sell them in boxes? mmm
  • Haven't changed the filter in a year... is that bad? lol
  • Overrated.
  • Choo-choo
  • Books I should be reading.
  • Bring back 80's toys!
  • BARF! If not from the ride then from other people's smells.
  • OH Canada! - nah I don't sing lest I chase you away lol
  • mmmm chocolate chip granola bars
  • Oh baby you're starting to rust :(
  • Lotsa seagulls outside.
  • James Bondage
  • Tastes funny now :s
  • I can never find those, and when I do they only have original :(
  • All talk.
  • Where's my mail!? - KEEP THE BILLS.
  • Somebody cut my credit cards!
  • This'll cost you your left nut.
  • pricey
  • Toyota probably means F*** you in Japanese - correct me if I'm wrong! lol
  • Under armour? So if I wear one of their t-shirts I can't get shot? lol
  • It's OK if you leave the car running and leave your four-ways on LOL
  • That toaster almost burned my house!
  • My cat likes eating those!
  • I could use a few bottles!

my life's logos

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a collage of about 250+ logos that i almost see everyday

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  1. tsouyukun 61 months ago | reply

    whoa,that was really awesome

  2. cintia.sa 61 months ago | reply

    Good work, a kind one we should do in university to improve our sight. As I didn't I may try now, if I have time. Thanks!

  3. WayneWho? 61 months ago | reply

    lol....THAT is awesome.......one day I will ask permission to borrow this.

  4. Andrea [; 60 months ago | reply

    My Favorites:

    * Quaker - I love those too !! :D
    * McDonalds - mmmm P:
    * Hello Kitty <3
    * DC - I love Drama off of Fantasy Factory <3
    * Oreo.
    * Youtube.
    * Guitar Hero - Wooo!
    * Sims 2.
    * Nesquik!
    * SUPERMAN (: - you like alot of things that I like (:
    * FAMILY GUY - Okay, I'm favoriting this :]

  5. captcreate 60 months ago | reply

    LOL thanks :)

    And thanks for favs everyone :)

  6. <REDUNDANT> [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called sk8 city, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  7. captcreate 58 months ago | reply

    Done, thanks :D

  8. bradjustinen 57 months ago | reply

    Don't see too many Old Dutch or Canadian Tire logos here in the States.

  9. Baconeyy 50 months ago | reply

    dq is in canada? i thought that was a tx thing??

  10. pickwickmonk 50 months ago | reply

    How did you create this?

  11. mark_mcguire 46 months ago | reply

    Thanks for using a Creative Commons licence on this image. I used it in a blog post on a similar theme, which you can find here:
    I was interested to read that you are in Canada (I moved from Toronto to New Zealand in 1993). I just returned from a two-week trip to Toronto, where I was aware of logos that I hadn't seen before. In Dunedin, New Zealand, where I live, We probably aren't bombarded by ads and logos quite so much. Unless, of course, we spend a lot of time online.


    Mark McGuire

  12. tczjj 41 months ago | reply

    thanks :)))

  13. captcreate 38 months ago | reply

    hehe I don't know what the stateside equivalents are!..


    North American I gues.. maybe not Mexico, not sure.

    Paint Shop Pro and Paint.. with images coming from their corporate sites ;)


    You're welcome? lol

  14. PesicDesign 29 months ago | reply

    Niice design :D visit my photosteam tnx! :)

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