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Illustration Friday: "Acrobat" /// New promo ♥

"These girls got quite a workout from all this acrobatic training!"


Please make sure to check it out in full size ♫



So I finally finished my new promo card! This one is double the usual postcard size, I wanted to have a real big eyecatcher on this years Frankfurt Book Fair. I added some smooth shading (after pondering over it quite a long time), which I think makes the whole piece a bit chunkier and more lively. I especially like the right girls face a lot more than in the earlier version.


Now I hope these look good when they arrive from the printing, but the place I usually order them from did a great job in the past, so I´m really pumped up about it. I don´t own a good color printer so I rarely see my work on actual paper, which is why printing postcards is always a big deal for me.


Hope you enjoy it ♥

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Taken on September 18, 2010