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Coming Home | by LFR417
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Coming Home

Sunday afternoon, local coffee shop


Dana: "Hi, girls! So Sasha couldn't make it. Something about Zama needing to be taught a lesson...or something."


Meygan: "Hey there Sugar Shoes!"


Cloe: "Aww, Zama's in trouble again? You know, I know a great baby-sitter who's really good with Ida and Colin. I think her name is Lian? Candy-colored hair that's really yummy you think that's bad for the kids? Does it send the wrong message? Ohmygosh, I don't think Lian is such a good idea after all! She'll corrupt Zama and Zama'll grow up to be some alternative, wanna-be anime girl and-"


Meygan: "CLOE, calm yourself!!"


Yasmin: "Anyways, this first two weeks have been so stressful. AP Environmental Science is killing me. There's homework every day! On top of that, I have to help train the newbies in yearbook and there was that college interview I had to prep for! Urgggh."


Meygan: "Ooh, how'd that interview go?"


Yasmin: "It was really cool. Pitzer has this eco-friendly vibe that is soo awe-inspiring. Ooh, did I mention I'm officially a licensed driver now?!"


Cloe: "Ohmygosh, Pretty Princess! That's great news!"


Dana: "Totally. I'm jealous. I haven't even finished driving school yet! Bleh."


Cloe: "Ohmygah!"


Meygan: "Drama Mama, whatchu 'ohmygah'-ing about?"


Cloe: "Wait, Shira is here?"


Dana: "What?"


Cloe: "Look! It's Jade and Nevra!!"


Yasmin, Dana, Meygan: "Nevra?!"


Jade: "Wassup, Bratzies! Guess who I ran into at LAX?!"


Dana: "Is this for real? We haven't seen Nevz since the 7th grade!!!"


Meygan: "Is your family relocating back to Stiles now? I can't believe you've been travelling the world the past few years."


Cloe: "Your hair! That's so bold! Your hair!"


Yasmin: " For real, though, are you really moving back to Stiles?"


Nevra: "Girls, girls, girls! Shush. Mmk, yes fo' real I'm coming home. I'm not spending senior year without my sisters from another mister!"


Jade: "We have sooo much catching up to do! "


Nevra: "Ooohkay, where do I start?"


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Taken on September 9, 2012