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“Tell the story of how you were introduced to "The Girls With a Passion for Fashion!" and really anything interesting about your "journey" with the Bratz. :P” –alex


Let’s see…first off, I started off with the Lil’ Bratz because my mom had a HUGE issue with me purchasing fashion dolls. Sure, it was weird having her son play with dolls but that wasn’t it. She saw the same aspect that I loved about the Bratz: their fashions. My mom works in fashion and she did not want me to go down the same path (too late now >:D). My first full-sized Bratz dolls were Bratz Twiinz Roxxi and Phoebe. I was sooo shocked when I got them on Christmas night from my sister that I spent the whole night just staring in awe at the twins in the box. I guess she saw me staring at the Bratz Head Gamez Dana at Wal-Mart when we went to go run errands. In the same year, I got myself a Live in Concert Yasmin and Rock Angelz Jade as well. By 2006, it was no secret that I loved the Bratz. My friends were quite supportive (even though it was SUPA awkward for the guys). That year, I received Genie Magic Meygan and a few others…I started scavenging for Bratz whenever my mom went to Ross. The rest of the year, along with 2007, was pretty much a blur to me. My collection grew and I was still pining to have one of each Bratz character. Hence, my newbie hate/love today. Somewhere along the way, I learned the power of acrylic. I started to repaint my spare Cloes/Yasmins, etc to resemble some other characters. Since I lost my tunnel vision that comes included with being young, there was finally no more Cloe 1, Cloe 2, etc. and the personal characters started churning out. Now I had more reasons to purchase Cloes and whatnot. xD


2008. I hear about what’s happened to Bratz. Initially, I’m shocked by the news. However, it came to the point where I thought Hey, the Bratz had a good run. Despite the horrible hair/clothing quality from this year, it’s been a wild ride. I began to accept the loss although I did, like alex, begin to hoard the older Bratz. I began to focus my attention more on my 12 inch fashion dolls. I’ve expanded my appreciation for various types of fashion dolls. 2010 hits and we hear the “Bratz R Bak.” The news updates on Facebook had us all sitting on edge; the fashions were very reminiscent of the old Bratz vibe…before the days of Rock Angelz, Genie magic, Forever Diamondz, etc. and the faces payed tribute to the old Bratz screenings. Obviously, the Bratz anniversary was NOT 10/10/10 but hey, MGA wanted to celebrate. Imagine my disappointment when I see that all the Bratz share the same faces.  MGA totally dropped the bomb on them. The fashions were a bit…out there and many of them still featured bad quality hair. I still dream of seeing Tyla in the Tokyo-a-Go-Go screening and Lydia in a Bratz Play Sportz Tennis Sasha’s screening. Heck, in the future I may just go back and do my interpretation of how the newbies should have looked like. The Bratz are back and they’re heading back towards the right direction…but they still have a long way to go. I could be just about done with Bratz but MGA has me hooked by the releases of each new girl. -_- I still want Adri and Liliana! ><


Thanks, alex. You made me practically write an essay on top of the ones I have to do for school. :P


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Taken on June 12, 2011