Locks on Paris Bridges
The Pont de Archevêché bridge is now maxed-out. There's no room for any more locks on the west side facing the Notre Dame cathedral. The railing panels on the Pont des Arts bridge are starting to come apart. The weight of the locks is breaking the welds that hold the metal lattice panels in place.

The Pont des Arts bridge more delicate and fragile so isn't handling the onslaught of lovers attaching locks well at all. The weight of the locks is beyond the ability of the lattice work panels to support and all the bridges are suffering from corrosion because it's impossible for the city to paint and maintain the metal with the locks attached to them.

These locks are a disease on Paris. Don't be part of the problem. You come here for the beauty and history of the city. Leave it as you found it. Parisians will really appreciate it if you respect our city and preserve her beauty. Attaching a lock to a bridge as beautiful as the Pont des Arts is an act of selfishness and disrespect. It's no different than tagging a monument with a can of spray paint.
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