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BHV Bricolo Cafe - BHV Becomes Galleries Lafayette

This picture is an example of what has happened to the entire store. The Bricolo Café was a warm and cozy little place in the basement of the department store. it was recently remodeled as part of a store-wide transformation of the BHV brand from a DIY center that Parisians relied on whenever they moved into an apartment in the city. BHV was once the place where you would go in Paris if you intended to attempt DIY. They had everything there. If you had to match a hinge or a door knob to your 19th century Parisian apartment, they either had it or they could get it. BHV was staffed by experts with hundreds of years of collective experience on all things related to decorating, repairing, maintaining and economically surviving in Paris if you did any handy work yourself. They had everything you could imagine, appliances, housewares, draperies and all the little necessities of hanging drapes and curtains, tools of all types, art materials, paint, decorative moldings and on and on and on. They could cut glass to size for a modest price, they provided repair services, tile and installation expertise for anything from your front door to your bathroom faucets.

Those days are no more. BHV is owned by Galleries Lafayette now. Over the past three years they have dissolved almost everything BHV was famous and trusted for. They are now just a re-branded branch of Galleries Lafayette and Galleries Lafayette Maison. A great loss to Paris and Parisians on a scale with the tragic loss of Sameritaine.

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Taken on May 15, 2013