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O’shishe Okareu was borne with his brother H’yaph somewhere in the middle east, but no one is sure of the exact location. Growing up he and his brother always tried to out-do each other in school, which resulted in them being the two best students there. Because of this, when they graduated the school offered to pay half of the tuition at the college of their choice. H’yaph was able to get a PhD in Computer Robotics, while O’shishe got a PhD in Marine Biology and Oceanography. After graduating they both where almost immediately hired by Trident Marine Excavation. After only two years of working there H’yaph became the chief robotics engineer. While he was in charge the company was able to excavate millions of dollars worth of Spanish gold and historical artifacts. He even developed the first one-man diving suit that would allow him to reach depths of up to 200 kilometers. It was a feat never before possible in a one-man suit.


Tragically during one of the test runs a guidance propeller malfunctioned depressurizing the suit and crushing H’yaph. When the government looked into it it was discovered that someone had sabotaged the suit. However, in order to retain mining rights Trident bribed one of the officials not to conduct a formal investigation. When O’shishe learned of the fact that his brother was murdered and Trident had not allowed an investigation he went to court to have Trident shut down for bribing a government official. But his plans where almost foiled three days before the court hearing when one of the other men working for Trident entered his room with a knife and recklessly tried to kill him! And he would have had O’shishe not been able to get the knife from him and kill the man instead. He immediately tried to contact the local authorities but when he finally met with them they had him arrested for murder. They claimed that Trident released info connecting him to the death of his brother. Enraged by the total incompetence and injustice of the government he escaped from his house arrest and boarded a shuttle bound for the colonies on Mars. But enroot the ship was attacked by space pirates who killed every one who would not join them.


Feeling no loyalty to the government O’shishe joined the pirates and swiftly rose through the ranks until he was second in command. He now raids government space ships wearing his upgraded Trident dive suit avenging his brother.


This was a fun backstory to do because it aloud me to not only do a backstory for my entry to the Space Pirate contest but also do a backstory for Aqua Raiders.


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Taken on November 12, 2009