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Steele Creek Park is a city park in Bristol, TN. It is over 2,200 acres of mostly wooded, hilly terain with a 55 acre man made lake. I have been working as a naturalist at the SCP Nature Center and have been photographing nature in the park since June of 2006. I will continue to add new pictures and text. Any errors in identification are mine and I would be happy to receive corrections. Larry McDaniel

You will notice numbers preceding common names throughout the guide. These are to help me better organize the species.

The links to Wikipedia and Discover Life quickly take you to more information and images of the species. If clicking on a link doesn't work try right clicking and then open.

The photographs in this guide we're taken in the park by me unless otherwise noted. Photos taken by other photographers have the photographers name included in the text.

More information on the park, including species lists, can be found on The Friends of Steele Creek Nature Center and Park website.

This Nature Guide is a work in progress.