Penderyn Glow

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    Taken with a 400mm lens. The scene is about 2 kms away and is a small crop of the whole frame. Just goes to show that landscapers don't always have to use a wide angle!!

    The glow was one of those atmospheric quirks that occurred because of a very small window in a low cloud base that distorted the strong sunlight coming from just above the cloud base. A once in a lifetime opportunity... if you happended to have a 100 - 400mm lens on you at the time!!

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    1. hey_joni 48 months ago | reply

      that really ha s alot going for it, nice shot.

    2. Robert Brindley 48 months ago | reply

      The classical painters would have been grateful to see a landscape such as this in their meanderings. With palette, sketchbook, painting skills and visual memory on hand they would have returned to their studios full of the excitement to recreate this scene. The wayfarer through the landscape, as seen in this photographic image, has been a theme that has invoked in the viewer the need to escape the drudgery of everyday life and was used by Constable or Turner and their contemporaries.
      The serious landscape photographer is a modern day wayfarer and so we have in this image a conjunction of the classic vision alongside the modern. Paints v pixels. No difference really.
      I am an Admin for *ABW* Gallery - one of the best kept secrets on Flickr, and we would be honored to display Penderyn Glow with our collection of phenomenal photography. Please visit the *ABW* Gallery home page and you will see that your wayfarer will find excellent company.

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    3. Chris Tid 48 months ago | reply

      Lovely image - well captured

    4. mshhoward 48 months ago | reply

      This has such the feel of a painting I think a big enlargement would look great even if it is a significant crop.
      I complete concur about the longer focal lengths. Our eyes have to stay open to what is near and far alike.
      Well done.

    5. Richard Tierney 48 months ago | reply

      That is rather special Alan.... as you say think outside the box now and then and if your lucky enough to have the right lens with you...

      Super light...... does indeed look like a traditional landscape canvas.

    6. MysticMoon14 ♥ 48 months ago | reply

      Amazing... this takes my breath away! So beautiful!

    7. SCSheola 48 months ago | reply

      fantastic shot - magical lighting. The figure of the man adds a nice touch!

    8. coyrooster 48 months ago | reply

      Highly expressive photograph, Alan. It hints how I've been feeling the last seven days walking through hilly memories in a thick mist of nostalgia since my cat companion of 19 years, Rosalio, was released from this world. Your unfolding composition reaches a depth so often sought but rarely achieved by those who resort to overlaid textures. The lone soul wending his way through twisty trees seems to be dropping a trail of breadcrumbs presumably to find his way back, away from the clan, to absorb recuperative rhythms of earth again. Your hazy 'painting' is a powerful tonic for anyone in transition.

      Admired in ~~ *ABW* Gallery (by Invitation Only)
      Phenomenal Photography of our Amazingly Beautiful World

    9. sai_reel 48 months ago | reply

      Nice alan! I will try using 400 lens one day.

    10. James Duckworth 48 months ago | reply

      Beautiful light for sure.
      Admired in ~~ *ABW* Gallery (by Invitation Only)
      Phenomenal Photography of our Amazingly Beautiful World

    11. SrhGrhm (Sarah Graham) 48 months ago | reply

      This is gorgeous - the lines formed by the mostly melted snow lead the eye down the hill, which makes the background hills soar. The walker oausing to take in the scene is a great inclusion. Many congratulations!

    12. Sila Lee C. [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

      Like out of fairy tale - Fairy Land!

    13. Arth Wen Photography and Imagery. 45 months ago | reply

      What MAGNIFICENT photography!

    14. fauve_gal 41 months ago | reply

      After looking at only one page of your photos I'm completely out of breath and superlatives.Thank you Terry for introducing A.J.Scapes via your watercolour.

    15. Sue Nicholson 37 months ago | reply

      Such a fabulous image :o)

    16. MoleHill 32 months ago | reply

      Beautiful lighting.

    17. olegvityuk 18 months ago | reply

      Alan, I LOVE every SINGLE one of YOUR photograph!!!

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