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Challenge 11•✿•Kesenia Eco-sushi party

Before you can realize it 2011 is almost over, so you cannot miss the fancier party of this year

One Night In Heaven, the official D&G party!

Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana waiting all guests on their yacht harbored in Mediterranean sea.

Drop, Roll, Droll

Dress as you like, come when you want, bring who you wish but be sure to be there!

If you want to count anything in 2012, then you must attend at this party, or you'll going to be outdated even before the new year comes, everyone that worth something in the fashion business will be there, to rock, to play, to dance!

The press eye will be in heaven, exactly like the most important models, chiefs and celebrities of the moment, for this last glimpse of 2011.

Kesenia cannot miss this event, at least it's good for her image, and good for her spirit,and more over she can show a little bit more of her attitude.

Sea recalls mermaid and marine creature, but instead of a medusa, like it was for Sanremo expositions, at this time she seems more an alien dressed in foam of the sea.

The gown fitting, but also soft, envelops Kesenia curvy figure, and at the same time protects her, surprisingly two Swarovski gems highlight the neckline of Kesenia dress, enhancing her décolleté:

"And for those who want to see, my legs and my bootie, wearing transparent dresses, i'll satisfy them..."

Sings the model while she's confortably take places on a very stylish runded pool, then paparazzi went frenzy and starting takin pics of this odd creature of the style, this alien of lady, that model of attitude.

The soft clear white tote look of he model is broken up by colors of accessories,

heels and bracelet in a green banana color, purse in a lurid rich veronese green, all of course by Dolce&Gabbana, and as last touch the bold necklace and earrings from Rebecca in emerald and black beads that matches to her brunnette hair, from which peeps out a purple feather, as burlesque divas.

Also to not appear too contemporary Kesenia added a more vintage air bracelet from Gerardo Sacco with aquamarine beads and the style is done!

Once that Kesenia lies down on what appears to be a swimming pool, aparently plastered with a carpet of whitish algae, lights turned on, the alges are basically lghts, that beaming golden flashes in the sky, and the basis starts rotating in a counterclockwise direction:

"Here I am radiographed, i am also naked dressed,you know all about me, maybe more you on me, than me on you, but if you'll ask me the matters in my heart, these are the only things you'll never know..."

She going on singing, while lifting to the curious and small crowd of people that staring at her, a glass of a super special champagne, based on lemon fermentation that she've gifet to Domenico and Stefano, as personal present for that night

She goes tasted raw and bare, like sushi,but don't be afraid Kesenia will never hurt you, she just wish to be the main dish of the party, at least Kesenia don't pretend too much.Don't you think?

Don't worry even about the enveloped dress, as it's eco compatible, and it'll going to dissolving into the water, that's maybe the reason why she's floating on the water?

Kesenia will manage to get back intact her dress in her closet at the end of night?

"No one will be,that will resist me, men and boys will be crazy for me, and if there's who among you, want something more, perhaps imagining myself among a thousand pleasures..."

concludes Kesenia leaving the onlookers to their imagination.


*Dress code: Rainbow White*



Necklace and earrings- Agnes festive decadence

Rope green Bracelet- Custom made by $avage

Aquamarine silver Bracelet- Isha Brightess call

Gown enveloped foam of sea with swarovski beads decor- Custom made by $avage

Shoes- Isha Brightess call

Bag- Teresa Top model Barbie by Mattel

Champagne Glass- Integrity convention pack

Champagne basket- Unknown maker personal collection

Lemon miniature- Unknow maker


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Taken on December 11, 2011