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Saxon can be really quite intense about some things ... it's difficult to explain as he's sedate and lovely and soft and even lazy (like when he's laying down playing with toys in the yard) other times he's mad, uncontrollable, ott (like visiting the pool area, which is 99% of the time out of bounds)


there are some things I've known but haven't really connected the dots as far as training goes, he's good with treats, but not that keen, it's really all about possession for him.

This morning I tried some clicker training, something I've known he's not all that good at, he's definitely learnt some things that way, but when it comes to refining or repetitions he's over it before we've even begun, then I took him for a walk with the tennis ball as a reward, man, did he step up to the mark, giving me the best focus I've had ever, and the thing is, I can give him the ball as the reward, not have to throw it, and take it off him within 10secs, and he'll snap right back to where we left off :-)


the other useful thing I realised today was that I now have something to really work on which will build self-control, and that is working (obedience stuff) with the ball within sight and within reach and in neither his nor my possession, he's good at giving me his full attention when the ball is on the ground and he is in a sit, or down, he's also good at giving me his full attention in mobile activities if I have the ball (and he always knows) ... but it's the mobile activities of walking around the ball on the ground (he can see it's right there for the taking) is when he loses it. Anyway something to work towards :-)

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Taken on September 23, 2012