• Everything here is great, but these are fantastic - [Carter]
  • It took me a while to realise all this was Lego too! - LouiseDade
  • Great use of the cape piece! - JustinR.
  • How is that even staying on the wall? - eilonwy77
  • I love these feet! - Glory_Forever
  • Duct tape can fix just everything :)
    Right? - Angelo_S.
  • Indeed, those are just brilliant. - eldeeem
  • Bluetack - though there do exist legal sticky pad things, which could have done the job...
  • Brilliant use of chairs! - lego27bricks
  • took me a couple of minute to notice they're Lego Built ^^ amazing job here mate! - Guss De Blöd
  • Miscolored?? - Super-jet
  • This has some nice shaping. Those eyes are cute. - Super-jet
  • I've build LEGO fork before, but I can't believe I didn't think of doing this! - Super-jet
  • Love the discoloration here! Perfect! Just to show there is no such thing as useless LEGO!...(c: - akunthita
  • Oh hey Bryan - Ma₪go
  • What is this part? - A Plastic Infinity
  • It appears to be one of the more recent minifig knight helmets - lego27bricks
  • I like this part. It fits in perfectly. - Drake_bd

The Curious Incident of the Chicken in the Night-Time

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  1. Tagl 34 months ago | reply

    Truly excellent!
    Amazing idea!
    Brilliant execution!

  2. Super-jet 34 months ago | reply

    The entire thing is marvelous. NPU here and there, everything just flows with the excitement of the scene. Great Moc.

    But could you add a description for all the people wondering whats going on??

  3. Steve Kass 34 months ago | reply

    Looks like fowl play.

  4. gipmetro 34 months ago | reply

    Awesome build! I also appreciate the reference to the book.

  5. xtofcorthay 33 months ago | reply

    I'm sure he deserved it .......

  6. jensrudnick 33 months ago | reply

    Awsome.... :)

  7. hinckley39 33 months ago | reply

    LOL. What is the matter with you?

  8. Riccardo Zangelmi 33 months ago | reply

    Simply Art !!!! Outstanding....

  9. JiminiBrickit 33 months ago | reply

    Wow, got my Attention, very cool on so many levels, what made you think of this?! lol

  10. Cara lego 31 months ago | reply

    I love this, especially the way at quick glance you don't know whats lego and whats a normal item. It looks like it should be a stop motion frame from an Aardman animation!

  11. Bohman 30 months ago | reply

    I don't know what this is, but I love it.

  12. Marjon Savelsberg 30 months ago | reply

    Now that's hilarious!!! Those feathers on the kitchen-counter made me laugh even louder...(poor chicken though)

  13. n7mereel 29 months ago | reply

    Totally awesome!

  14. Ronin X 27 months ago | reply

    This is one of the strangest builds I've seen in a while... Yet also brilliant at the same time.

  15. ~LegoElite~ 20 months ago | reply

    This is simply astounding.

  16. MortalSwordsman 19 months ago | reply

    Hilarious! Wonderful build full of skill. From the plug I am assuming you are British?

  17. Kamil Z 4 months ago | reply

    This makes me cry considering I have two pet chickens

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