Charyblantis (1)

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"So thar we were, battlin' the mighty whirlpool for nigh on a full moon, when with a great plop we plunged twenty fathoms down into the depths. But nay, to our surprise we did not die (bar Cannonball Jack, who got etted by a shark), and found ourselves in a strange city full o' golden treasure. Took it all, we did, but pursued we were, by creatures, half men, half fish, half plant. But we fled away, to live and fight another day!"

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The name is derived from Charybdis, a whirlpool in Greek mythology, and Atlantis (obviously) =P

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  1. LouiseDade 89 months ago | reply

    Awesome whirlpool! It's really effective.

  2. driver.donovan [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

    Awesome! I love the whirlpool!

  3. legocreatorguy 89 months ago | reply

    Very nice. The ship is great.

  4. A J Summersgill 89 months ago | reply

    Yeah, the whirlpool is great, I love the sails too.


    Dr. S.

  5. TOKYO TAG TEAM 89 months ago | reply

    Those tattered sails are awesome! Great MOC!

  6. vìnn 89 months ago | reply

    Yeah baby.

  7. tadashistate 89 months ago | reply

    Lovely effects with the water.

  8. Chase Lewis [Vid] 89 months ago | reply

    The sails are incredible.

  9. Foamrider 89 months ago | reply

    Very nice. Proves that a studly base can be just as awesome as SNOT.

  10. Bart Willen 89 months ago | reply

    Just had to fave this!

  11. Karf Oohlu 89 months ago | reply

    brilliantly done sir

  12. GreenMoogle 88 months ago | reply

    I've been reading the Odyssey lately.... So I finally understand the name!
    (I'm correct, right?)

  13. SlyOwl 88 months ago | reply

    Thanks all (especially Dr S) =D
    ^ Maybe, I haven't read it. I just found a picture of Charybdis on a Greek Monsters poster ;-) Even if it isn't a monster...

  14. GreenMoogle 88 months ago | reply

    Well it is actually a monster. It sucks up a lot of water (creating a whirl pool) Then it spits it back out.

  15. Mexycan 85 months ago | reply

    great job! Our son was really into building Legos when he was wee.

  16. JimButcher 76 months ago | reply

    The simple, catroony style of this reminds me of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Nicely done!

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