Team Edward

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    This is dedicated to those Twilight fans who are on team Edward! Go Team Edward!!!

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    1. Team_Jasper 111 months ago | reply

      Oh yea go team Edward!!!!!!!!!!

    2. mayomajor 110 months ago | reply

      omg i love edward is so....... atracive

    3. alexghernandez13 110 months ago | reply

      edward is fine!!!! man how i hate bella swan so much. i can't believe edward would much prefer to be with bella than with jacob,. wtf. i hate her

    4. pamie_94 110 months ago | reply

      go team Edward!!!

    5. mrs.edward_cullen24 108 months ago | reply

      omg im totally there

    6. rukiaz_gurrl 106 months ago | reply

      Team edward all the way!!!!

    7. love_music_247 106 months ago | reply

      team edward 110%!!!!!!!!!

      jacob needs to go fall in a ditch!!!
      >: /

    8. jessica_danielr 103 months ago | reply

      Go Edward Anthony Mason Cullen!!!

    9. i run with Edward Cullen!!!!<3 103 months ago | reply

      i love it!<3 edward all the way

    10. Yazzy runs w/ VAMPIRES !!!!! [deleted] 97 months ago | reply

      Team edward ! Duh !!!!!! Jacob can go howl at the moon for the rest of his dog life !!!!!!!! Team crooked smile!!!!!!!!

    11. LanyaxJonasx3 95 months ago | reply


      cause werewolfs dont sparkle ;)

    12. lovabug 95 months ago | reply

      Teammm Jacoobb

      cuz real men DON'T sparkle.
      what kind of 108 year old man watches a 17/18 year old girl sleep?


    13. strychnine03 92 months ago | reply

      he truly loves bella, not just some sort of infatuation. he's not a poor me who grabs every opportunity to claim that he should be pitied more than anyone else. he's man enough to accept his mistakes and the consequences that come with these. he's more than just a pretty face or glorious body -whatever.

      what if he sparkles? that's their kind. at least he sparkles not from over perspiration or oil.

      let us not be prejudiced.

    14. Yazzy runs w/ VAMPIRES !!!!! [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

      OMG !!! jacob imprinted on a 2 year old !! that doesnt count ? renesmee doesnt count ? jacob is a worthless dog who holds grudges and is selfish ! stop with all the jacob luv when he doesnt DESERVE IT ! :D TEAM EDWARD FOR EVER ! : D @strychnine03 I LOVE U !

    15. SarahEatWorld96 90 months ago | reply

      Team edward cause the series would do just fine without the wet dog :)

    16. Amiii xx 71 months ago | reply

      Edward all the way hes amazing bella should be grateful for who shes got xxx anyway dogs are pets not soulmates xx

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