Allways accessorize!

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    Gavin can allways find the perfect accessories for an outfit at Rufus Blue's "Trifty Boutique".

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    1. Orangey34 56 months ago | reply

      Brilliant setup, she is BEAUTIFUL. What a babe lol. First time I'm calling a woman and/or doll a babe. Her outfit is adorable!

    2. Picklepud 56 months ago | reply

      Thank you. xxx

      Hhaha! Thank you very much. x

    3. BratzLuv! 56 months ago | reply

      ... Arron, Arron, Arron. I'll go to the shoe aisle where Reese is at, grab one of her shoes and throw it to you. You're so good for photographing, setting up, and posing that everyone loves your pics. No matter who's the model of it... Thanks 'hun' I'm now tempted on getting one XD I highly doubt I would ever get one, but tempted anyway... But seriously, you'd work for Integrity AND Spin Master, you have such a persuading ability... Gosh ¬_¬

      Love. xx

    4. JasonCJB 56 months ago | reply

      Gosh!!! Your set-up is really amazing! *_*
      I agree with ... those companies should see your photos! Then they'll send you more dolls to take photos of! It's a win-win! teehee!

    5. Picklepud 56 months ago | reply

      You two are amazing photographers too.

      Awww guys thank you so much.
      I really do appreciate your comments.
      You guys make taking my photos all worth while. xxxxxxx

    6. SevignyFF 55 months ago | reply

      This boutique is absolutely cute !
      Did you make the walls yourself ?

    7. Shuga-shug 55 months ago | reply

      Love it!! I need to get a little thrift shop together too! Great shots & setups!

    8. Dani Ap. [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

    9. Picklepud 55 months ago | reply

      Cheers hun. xxx It's wallpaper for a dolls house.
      Thank you very much. You need a Thrifty Boutique. ;)

    10. Shindig Pop 55 months ago | reply

      Love the boutique shots, Arron!

    11. Wonderful Electric 55 months ago | reply

      This girl is so incredibly beautiful.... Forget it, I was trying to resist her, but I give in, I contacted my dealer so I can get one. I'm such a sucker for redheads and raven haired girls, I always end up getting them all!

    12. Picklepud 55 months ago | reply

      Thank you David. x
      Hahahahha! Chris you could no longer resist. You will love her. x

    13. ✝bluejeans [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

      The purses and the dresses are so cute! Oh, and so is she!

    14. Lady.LoLo [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

      I want that pink dress at back!

    15. sailorb1959 55 months ago | reply

      omg i soo want her i love red heads i am lietrly obbsesed wiht red head dolls as long as htey aren't chuky hahaha i love there clothes they are soo awesome i was wodnering were did you get these girls??

    16. Picklepud 55 months ago | reply

      I got them from Marl & B, an online store.

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