Fashion Illustrations by D. 'Jame
These drawings come from the collection of Michael Thomas, an artist based in Chicago. Thomas found the drawings at a thrift store in Chicago, located on Broadway Avenue near Devon. He writes: “They were priced at $5 per drawing. I could only afford one and was unable to decide. The owner of the store said he was tired of having them around and I could buy them all for $20. There are thirty-four drawings. He said there had been more, but they had been sold.” The drawings are dated from 1970-77.

The store owner purchased the drawings as part of a lot at an estate sale in Northern Indiana. No other information about D. ’Jame is known, however some other examples of the artist’s work, from the same period and evidently purchased from the same store, are online ­– scanned by collector William Swislow (
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