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These records are from the collection of Marc Fischer.

None of these records are for sale.

Back in 2008, I was posting in a music discussion forum and and many of us started taking pictures of various records in our collections and posting them. Most of the album covers are already online, but pulling out a camera and taking photos of things in our homes, rather than using a stock photo found in an online image search, was more fun. While this collection shows less than 1/10th of the records I own, I realized later that it was a nice way of visualizing part of the collection and I liked the casual quality that the photos had.

The records are not in any particular order, but it is worth noting that at the end of the set I included over 20 records of music made or recorded in prisons - something I avidly collect.

You can see more of my collection in list form here:

Marc Fischer
November, 2011