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ETERNITY Party and Club Flyers from the 1990s

When I unearthed my collection of flyers, I was disturbed by what I saw. The rave and club flyers I accumulated between 1992 and 2001 numbered in the hundreds, maybe thousands. What was unsettling to me wasn’t the sleep debt I accrued from countless hours spent in sweaty warehouses, or the drug experimentation that could have taken a more permanent hold, but the obsessive nature of the collection.

From the very first party I attended in Boulder, Colorado in 1993 called Back to the Basics, hosted by ‘Mike E’, I fastidiously collected flyers for every event I went to, for events even loosely connected to those I attended or wanted to attend, and for events featuring acquaintances who were DJs, promoters, producers, dancers and artists. I kept them as a record of my own experience and to document that moment in history.

The rave scene that grew out of the hippy movement via disco, sought a certain kind of freedom: of expression, of self, to be immersed in a community that lacked judgment. Through the culture and through dancing I had experienced this, and created a time capsule stored in a neatly packed clear plastic sleeve that moved with me more than fifteen times.

Like a hoarder whose mastery over the world is verified by the clear and tangible evidence of physical objects, I had amassed a nest of proof that I had experienced this freedom. I didn’t revisit the flyers to relive those moments, but knowing they were there provided some kind of reassurance that I could access that feeling whenever I wanted.

Bridgette Buckley
August 2011

Contact: bridgettebuckley [at]

This flyer collection was displayed at The Storefront, 2606 North California Avenue, Chicago, IL on August 13, 2011.