Grant's Home Server Rack
This rack holds all the gear I need for my home network plus it also houses the servers that I use to provide hosting to my customers, friends and family for their domains.

I purchased all this gear through eBay over a 2 year period, eventually building what I think is a solid and reliable base for my home and business needs.

Unfortunately I am moving house soon so all this gear has to go - not a bad thing in one way as I've achieved what I set out to do, plus the electricity bill to run these big bad boy ProLiants plus the required airconditioning to cool the room down is astronomical.

I am consolidating all the functions I need into two custom-built P4 Core 2 Duo machines with 4GB RAM and mirrored disks that require no ambient cooling and run silently.

I will use VMware Server to allow me to 'virtually' run the two IPcops, the Linux Router, Exchange and IIS servers, an AD/file server and my Radio80s.NET radio server on these two clone machines.

I have already tested the Physical-2-Virtual conversion of the servers to the new P4 boxes and eveything runs faster, cooler and quieter!
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