Pyrex for Trade
Actively swapping again!

I have had my Pyrex collection in storage for the past year, following a divorce. Now that things have settled down and I've moved into my own place again, it seems I'm missing ALL my Aqua/White Pyrex ... so having to start over again there. :(

I am looking to pass on the majority of my existing collection to others as I want to concentrate solely on the Aqua/While and and solids (Aqua, white) pieces.

Available pieces (not pictured):
Early American: 404-401
Early American: 444-441 (2 sets)
Early American: 043 and 045
Early American: divided dish without lid
Early American: 501(2), 502, 503
Gooseberry white/black: 443

Butterfly Gold: set of 4 D-handle mugs
Butterfly Gold: set of 4 round handle mugs
Spring Blossom: set of 4 round handle mugs

Patterns I'm collecting are:
Aqua and White Butterprint
Pink and White Gooseberry
Solid Aqua pieces and promos
Snowflakes in Aqua/White and

Specific pieces I am looking for:
Butterprint: 471, 472, 473, 474 and 475
Butterprint: 404 mixing bowl
Gooseberry: 441, 442, 443 and 444
Gooseberry: 471, 472, 474
Gooseberry: 501 (2)
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