Who backs an immediate ceasefire?

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Every country on earth supports an immediate ceasefire between Lebanon and Israel, with three notable - and nuclear -exceptions.

ORIGINAL GRAPHIC: The Independent (UK)

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  1. AnomalousNYC 110 months ago

    Oh shut the fuck up. There weren't any zionists until about 120 years ago, you Israeli dumbfuck.

  2. Jazmin Million 110 months ago

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  3. Dai K Lanbo [deleted] 107 months ago

    Woe to you oh men of peace, support Taiwan in its fight for freedom...
    after Holland and Japan occupation Taiwan was occupied by the Republic of China in exile. When Mao kicked their ass out of China, they fled to Taiwan where they took the power by force. After 50 years, martial law was lifted and we now have our own president, born and raised in Taiwan. But China is playing the big bully and point 1000 missiles on our homes.

    In your list we can count the missing coutries, in our we can count the supportive countries, please help Taiwan: explain the situation to people in your countries

    Taiwan is not China, Taiwan is a sovereign state, No country ( including USA) can decide what will be Taiwan's fate. There is no historical or legal reason giving right to China...

    Don't give up the fight, caus' I'll never give up the fight ( Bob Marley)

  4. Dai K Lanbo [deleted] 107 months ago

    Did you ever tried to type NYC (capital letters) in word ( microsoft word) with wingdings font ? Dunno if they did that on purpose...

  5. AnomalousNYC 105 months ago

    Some morbidly obese right-wing Protest Warrior named "TheLioness" squealed:

    Why isn't Palestine on here?
    Where's Hezbollah's flag?
    What about Hamas?

    Actually, smart-ass the only important questions are these: Why isn't Israel on here? And where's the US flag?

    Hamas and Hezbollah both called for a cease-fire. You warmongering racists - zionists cultists like Protest Warrior and your beloved Israel - were so busy applauding the gratuitous murder of non-Jews by the hundreds that you couldn't hear...

  6. BeyondBeliefs 102 months ago

    Those children who are raised by a president or a priest to be ANIMALS who use HATE, CONDEMNATION, TEETH, CLAWS and GUNS to get what they want are the ENEMY of LIFE.

    Those who use ''bullets'' against Living Things will force all the Living Things in the world to defend their family from these, our RABID ANIMAL, who MURDER for their COLD, DEAD ''nations'', and for their COLD DEAD ''religions'', in order to STEAL the Life, and raw materials from the earth, that their PLANTATION OWNERS NEED to remain in power over their SLAVES.

    No Human will ever be FREE while they SLAVE TO serve a LYING, INVADING, MURDERING EMPIRE OF THIEVES.

  7. rustym74 102 months ago

    the palestinians act like caged animals and must stay caged in. happy 60th birthday israel.

  8. AnomalousNYC 99 months ago

    A fake flickr user ("Mr. Brand") wrote, re Hamas and Hezbollah calls for a ceasefire, that "NEVER were these calls serious!" He went on to explain that Israel, on the other hand IS serious, whatever that would mean.

    He added, re Hamas and Hezbollah, that "their goal is to kill all Jews."

  9. Dieu et mon droit [deleted] 99 months ago

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  10. Bonita Jamaica 98 months ago

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  11. m i s s j o v e r ;) [deleted] 96 months ago

    filipina baby ! have respect ! all of us are creative equal !

  12. megapiks 95 months ago

    31st December 2008.

    There must be an immediate cease fire. The warfare does no good to either side, and will achieve nothing except increased suffering, fear and hatred. War does not end war. It only stokes up the anger which created it in the first place.

    Shame on those nations which supply the armaments and finance which enable the war to continue.

  13. AnomalousNYC 95 months ago

    This was posted back at the time of Israel's attack on Lebanon, but...

    You are incorrect about this being a war and incorrect about this doing no good to either side.

    This is just mass ethnic slaughter, simple as that. And like all the other bloody and pointless spasms of Israeli violence, it provides a necessary environment of hostility and perpetual conflict within which Israel can consolidate the economic, demographic and territorial goals of Zionism. As such it has a very real purpose - it just has nothing whatsoever to do with the fake goals to which Israelis endlessly declare their dedication. Israel is playing with fire, but they do so because they think its worth spilling a few drops of Jewish blood and oceans of Arab blood in the obscene name of Jewish supremacism. This endless Israeli brutality is necessary because there is no other context in which it would be politically expedient to pursue their scummy, criminal zionist agenda. It also goes without saying that here are parties - fascist parties like Yisroel Beitenyu, for example, which exist basically as the political expression of a growing Israeli support for genocide - within Israel which stand to benefit politically from today's mass slaughter as well as from the inevitable pathetic Palestinian retaliation to follow.

    when you say war does not end war, you're sort of right, except that of course Israel has never had the slightest interest in ending the conflict, and continues to have every interest in enflaming and exacerbating it. None of what it is doing is designed to end war, end fighting, or even end Palestinians resistance. On the contrary, it's obvious function is to encourage Palestinian attacks, which had dropped off disastrously, and to provoke Israel's neighbors - Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iran, in particular - into assuming various uncomfortably belligerent positions.

    Shame on all of us.

    "Israel's agenda is clear to anyone who is paying attention. It will continue until it is stopped, and it cannot be stopped by its victims. So how long will the world keep up the torture?"
    --Justin Podur

  14. Frizztext 95 months ago

    a war now, indirectly, between Israel and Gaza (=Iran)?

  15. Ian Porter 95 months ago

    Apologies, I hadn't noticed the date. I deleted my comment that caused you offence.

    I totally agree with you that Blair is a complete twat that has fortunately f****d off.

    I also totally agree with you that the action occurring now in Jan 2009 is a huge overreaction by Israel.

  16. AnomalousNYC 95 months ago

    Thanks -

    I was just reading how Israel today launched artillery shells at a mosque - with 200 Gazans at prayer inside!

    "overreaction " doesn't really even come close to what is going on. Seems to me that this is really more about extermination than any kind of retaliation. I think that deep down israel understands that it has already lost, and that from this point forward the disastrous experiment in ethnic cleansing and ethnic subjugation which was Israel is basically doomed to an ugly and ignominious disappearance, to which there will be much applause.

  17. SYPHAX 78 months ago

    Where is a Palestinian Flag ????!!!!!

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