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Mayor Julie's Uni converts into mini-Hi Wheel Safety Bike

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Famous Davis, CA mayor, conservationist, artist and all-around thoughtful person, dear Julie Partansky (a twin like Myself!) gave me her old unicycle. Which in 2000 I adapted into being able to convert back and forth from unicycle to mini Hi Wheel Safety Bicycle!
2 bolts and a quick release will do it! 2 minutes, tops... Tal, my neighbor, calls it the Wheely Bike. It's easy to go slow and spin the handle bars, circus & kunstrad style, too!

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  1. hebegbeez 88 months ago | reply

    Does it ride well?

  2. whymcycles 88 months ago | reply

    Little kids love to tear around on it..
    Us big 'uns have to lean forward or it wheelies easily..it is , after all, a unicycle at heart.. Nice ride.....for everyone, not just unicyclists...

  3. Cyclewallah 82 months ago | reply

    Your bike creations are fantastic.

  4. whymcycles 82 months ago | reply

    Thanks, a guy's gotta tinker...right?

  5. Old-Bikes 78 months ago | reply

    you took an unicyle wheel for the back?

  6. whymcycles 78 months ago | reply

    An entire unicycle, complete..the blue fork, pedals , seat & wheel.
    the red & white part bolts on, bingo, a two wheeler until you take the front off again, should one be so inclined. i have a Coker 36" uni that i did the same to... like so...
    here's an real original one:

  7. Ange Halle 78 months ago | reply

    Human ingenuity knows no limits, I am glad that human power is coming back. Or was it always here, but not talked about. We have to wean ourselves off high efficiency. Why do so many people talk about being efficient ? Petroleum goes boom and a vehicle jumps off so fast. But why ? The pelicans in the Gulf of Mexico can tell you a thing or two about oil. Your imaginative contraptions (in a good sense, of course) show that there are other possibilities. I am very glad that your work is shown in our multimobility group - and who ever has researched the links you kindly recommend us, where races with many of these artistic and original vehicles are shown, will know that riding one of these, or even just watching, is highly entertaining and fun too. That might help with getting use to slow mobility.

  8. whymcycles 78 months ago | reply

    Danke, Ange !

  9. Cyclewallah 71 months ago | reply

    Your photo has been favorited by the www.Cyclewallah.com admins!

  10. Sex Appeal Ads 59 months ago | reply

    Thank you for sharing your outstanding Bicycle ArtWork. Wonderful captured.

    Switzerland is small, beautiful and in some ways just different: License Plates for Bicycles!
    This is the Time Lapse Video on YouTube.

  11. whymcycles 35 months ago | reply

    What this style enabled. cycling-wise..

  12. antonè 30 months ago | reply

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