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Sorting Houses on the Death Star | by ChicaD58
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Sorting Houses on the Death Star

With all 7 books finally read, and the ending revealed, Stormtrooper Bruce throws a Potter Party so they can have a movie marathon, and reveal which house they'd want to be in.

Looks like Slytherin beats Gryffindor. But remember this IS the Death Star, so the Dark Side is bound to have a few more converts.


Stormtrooper Bruce: I - I can't believe you guys. I thought we were all rooting for the same team.


Fett: It appears to me you two are the traitors. Don't you realize Lord Vader and Lord Voldemort are one in the same?


STB: No, don't say that. Vader has way more going for him than You-Know-Who. And Chewie, I'm shocked - I just knew you and Lupin were kindred spirits!


TK-432: No way, Chewie said he liked Fenrir much better, said he's much meaner.


Fett: You two Potterheads are always welcome to come slithering over to our side if you want to.


STB: AARRGH! OK, OK! If you want to stay and watch the movies, fine! But get that snake out of here, or my owl will have it for a midnight snack.

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Taken on November 5, 2010