Bubba Hebert and the New Morse Playboys at the Liberty Theater, Dec. 15, 2018
Bubba Hebert and the New Morse Playboys performed at the Liberty Theater on Dec. 15, 2018. In addition to Bubba Hebert on accordion and vocals, other members of the band were Luke Huval on fiddle and vocals; Jamey Bearb on drums and vocals; Mike Meche on bass and vocals; and Chris Lougon on steel guitar. Ray Landry hosted the show. Bubba Hebert is the great grandson of Iry Lejeune and the grandson of Eddie Lejeune.

In all of the previous photos I took of Bubba at the Liberty Theater, he played the accordion while standing on the stage. When, this time, he performed seated, I was immediately reminded of photos I took of his grandfather in 1999 using an early model Olympus digital camera. I reprocessed those photos to lighten them and uploaded them in a revised Flickr album with additional information about Eddie Lejeune, replacing the album uploaded in 2008. I included one of those photos in the current album of Bubba Hebert and the New Morse Playboys.

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