Camey Doucet honored at 47th annual Mamou Cajun Music Festival, Sept. 15, 2018
Cajun songwriter, vocalist, musician, long-time DJ and cultural advocate Camey Doucet was the 2018 honoree at the 47th annual Mamou Cajun Music Festival held Sept. 14 and 15, 2018. Camey performed several of his songs with the Jambalaya Cajun Band before the honoree presentation mid-afternoon Sept. 15. During the presentation, Jamie Berzas read a tribute listing Camey Doucet’s many achievements, Mark Young presented him with a festival poster, a representative from U.S. Congressman Mike Johnson also made a presentation, and record producer Floyd Soileau offered personal recollections. For additional information about Camey Doucet, go to his Cajun French Music Hall of Fame biography:

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The festival was held at the Mamou Recreational Center Complex. Overhead fluorescent lighting combined with rotating color stage lighting made for some odd color casts that I tried to deal with in post processing with limited success.

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