The Best of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, Liberty Theater, July 29, 2017
“The Best of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys” at the Liberty Theater July 29, 2017, featured songs from 29 years of performing, arranging, and writing the best Cajun music played by any band anywhere.

Barry Ancelet hosted the first segment that began with “La Pointe aux Pins” and “La valse de Eunice” from the Mamou Playboys’ first CD, followed by “Mardi Gras Jig/Scott Playboy Special” (a medley format that was an innovation in Cajun music), “J’amerais te pardonner” (featuring three-part harmony, another of the many band’s many new approaches to traditional music), “Bayou Noir / Back of Town Two-Step,” and “Katherine,” the evening’s first example of many original compositions.

Steve Riley then hosted the rest of the show, which included “Je m’en fous pas mal,” “La chanson de Mardi Gras,” "La Toussaint," “Lawrence Walker Medley,” “Allons danser,” “Le souhait du veuve,” “Laisse-moi connaître,” “Bayou Ruler,” “Je suis pas un couillon,” “Pointe aux chênes,” “Bon rêve,” “Brasse donc le couche-couche,” “Bottle It Up,” “Danser sans comprendre,” and, to close the evening, “Chatterbox.” (For the song list, I referred to a recording of the “Rendez-vous des Cajuns” radio broadcast that ended at 7:30, so, having to rely on memory, I know I’m missing at least a couple of songs performed during the final 30 minutes.)

In addition to Steve Riley, current members of the band are Kevin Wimmer, fiddle; Sam Broussard, guitar; Brazos Huval, bass; Kevin Dugas, drums. David Greely and Peter Schwarz, two former members, joined in for a number of songs. Other musicians were Eric Adcock on piano and Hammond B-3; Melete Terry and Alena Savoy on harmony vocals; and Burke Riley, Steve’s son, on triangle.

I, along with the rest of the whooping and hollering near-capacity very enthusiastic crowd, thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the show.

During the first 90 minutes of the show, I stayed in the balcony shooting with a 150-600 mm Sigma lens. I moved near the stage for the last 30 minutes.

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