Kyle Huval and the Dixie Club Ramblers at the 29th CFMA Music Festival, Aug. 19, 2017
These photos of Kyle Huval and the Dixie Club Ramblers were taken at the 29th Cajun French Music Association Music Festival, Aug. 19, 2017, in the Rayne Civic Center during the first 30 minutes of the band’s performance.

Huval is a really excellent accordionist leading a band of other highly accomplished musicians: Joel Savoy and Mitch Schexnyder on fiddles; Jo Vidrine on bass; and Cody LaFleur on drums.

The band released a new CD titled “Straight Allons” on the Valcour label a few months ago:

For more information about the band, check out their Facebook page:
The civic center where the photos in this set were taken is illuminated by fluorescent lights. Since I did not want to detract from the event by using flash, I wound up having to cope with a variety of color casts produced by the notorious flicker of fluorescent lights in addition to dealing with backlighting from windows near the ceiling behind the stage. (Too late, I discovered that a firmware update for the Nikon D5 has added a flicker reduction option.)

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