Tribute to Buckwheat Zydeco: Ils Sont Partis Band featuring Sir Reg, Festival International, April 26, 2017
“A Tribute to Buckwheat Zydeco: Ils Sont Partis Band featuring Sir Reg” was presented at Scène Laborde Earles Fais Do Do on the opening night of Festival International de Louisiane in downtown Lafayette, April 26, 2017.

After Buckwheat Zydeco (Stanley Dural) died last year, his son, Sir Reginald Master Dural, who played rubboard next to his father for some 20 years, became the band’s leader. At the tribute, Sir Reg played accordion and the Hammond B-3 organ and sang some of his father’s classic songs.

The band joining him in the tribute included long-time Ils Sont Partis members Lee Allen Zeno on bass, Paul “Lil Buck” Sinegal on guitar, Curtis Watson Jr. on trumpet, Paul Wiltz on saxophone, Mike Melchione on guitar, and Kevin Menard on drums, along with Gregg Potier on rubboard. (I photographed but don’t know the names of two additional musicians, a guitarist and a saxophone player, and the crowd was so packed that I was unable to get into position to photograph Kevin Menard.}

Special guest accordionists who performed during the latter part of the show were Major Handy, Jeffery Broussard, and Nathan Williams.

The Legendary Ils Sont Partis Band led by Sir Reg has been performing at venues around the nation. For more information, check out the band’s Facebook page:

Most of the photos were taken with available light. Near the end of the show, I added a little flash (1/64 on manual) to help a little with shadows under musicians’ hats.

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