Kevin Naquin and the Ossun Playboys, Liberty Theater, April 8, 2017
Kevin Naquin and the Ossun Playboys played Cajun favorites, original compositions, and songs from an upcoming CD during their performance at the Liberty Theater April 8, 2017.

In addition to Kevin Naquin on accordion and vocals, the band included Beau Thomas on fiddle (as well as police whistle on Canray Fontenot’s “Tes parents ne veulent plus me voir”); Don Hebert on keyboard and vocals; Kaleb Olivier on guitar; Jimmy Hebert on bass and harmony vocals; and Andre Gary on drums. In addition to people from the areas, the audience included visitors from Boston, Ontario, New Zealand, Germany, and France.

In between songs, Kevin Naquin chatted with host Earlene Broussard about how his father (who was in the audience) wrote words to the hit song “La vie est jamais guarantee” on a napkin while battling pancreatic cancer and about how Kevin decided to organize an annual golf tournament to benefit pancreatic cancer research.

He also explained the origins of the band’s name. Although Kevin is from Scott (which is very near the small community of Ossun), the name “Scott Playboys” was already taken by Walter Mouton’s band. Since a couple of the original members of Kevin’s band were from Ossun, he decided to name his group “Ossun Playboys.” Over the years, the band has received some 28 Le Cajun awards from the Cajun French Music Association.

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