17th Annual Tribute to Hank Williams, Liberty Theater, Jan. 7, 2017
Since 2000, Terry Huval along with other members of the Jambalaya Cajun Band and additional top musicians have each year presented a tribute show honoring Hank Williams Sr., the singer, song writer and folk poet who, in his short career that ended 64 years ago, produced dozens of songs whose messages and feelings continue to resonate with audiences today.

D.L. Menard, one participant in the annual tribute, actually met Hank Williams in 1951 at the Teche Club in New Iberia. D.L. was back again for the 17th tribute. At age 84, he was a wheelchair, but he remained just as sharp as ever in his repartee with host Barry Ancelet, and he sang four of Hank’s songs, including “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” in classic D.L. style.

I still vividly remember the first time I heard Hugh Harris channel both the voice and feeling of Hank Williams at the first tribute in 2000. Seventeen years later, Hugh’s performance of more than a dozen songs at the Liberty continued to make the music come alive with the sound and spirit of Hank himself.

Other vocalists included Megan Brown, Luke Huval, Tony Broussard and Terry Huval. The band consisted of Gina Forsyth, fiddle; Kyle Harris, lead guitar; Bobby Dumatrait, rhythm guitar; Kenneth David, upright bass; Tony Huval, drums; Tony Broussard, piano; Ross Shellard and Terry Huval, steel guitar; Reggie Matte, accordion for the final two songs.

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