Downtown Alive! 35 Alive Extravaganza!, Parc International, Lafayette, Nov. 2, 2018
A multitude of musicians representing a variety of South Louisiana music genres gathered together to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Downtown Alive! with an all-star show billed as 35 Alive Extravaganza! It was held at Parc International Nov. 2, 2018.
Hosted by Steve Adams, the show featured the Downtown Collective Band (with musicians drawn from the River Road Band) and a parade of musicians who have helped make Downtown Alive! an outstanding success that has contributed to the development of Lafayette as a top music city.

The list of the performers released ahead of the show included T.K. Hulin, Wayne Toups, Michael Doucet, Chubby Carrier, Sonny Landreth, Ward Lormand, Charlene Howard, Mike Burch, Tony Ardoin, Steve Grisaffe, Richard Comeaux, Bubba Boudreaux, Larry Badon, Jason Parfait, 504 Horns featuring. Jason Parfait and Jimmie Reamey, Steve Adams, D'Jalma Garnier, Mark Willis, Suzi Aycock, Dana Duhon, Kathy Sherman, and Kat Terrebonne.

I used Internet searches to identify a number of musicians whom I have not photographed before, but, in some cases, such as the female vocal ensemble, I wasn’t able to connect names with faces.

All of the photos were taken with available light. Parc International has overhead lights high above the stage but no regular stage lighting, so I tried to make adjustments in Lightroom to help light performers’ faces.

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