Ray Landry and the Vermilionville Ramblers, Mamou Cajun Music Festival, Sept. 17, 2016
Ray Landry and the Vermilionville Ramblers began their set late Saturday morning at the two-day 45th annual Mamou Cajun Music Festival, Sept. 17, 2016, held at the town’s recreational complex. The band featured some of the young musicians who participated in a showcase performance Landry hosted at the Liberty Theater several months ago, including Kegan Navarre, Seth Spell, and Donovan Bourque, along with Zachary Fuselier, a young musician who has had an important role in the area’s music scene for a number of years. Cameron Fontenot and Gerald Broussard Jr. played with the group as guests. Older members of the band included Stanley Benoit and Drew Simon. Midway through the set, the band took a break while queens of the Mamou Cajun Music Festival and other queens from the area were introduced.

For more information about the festival, go to www.mamoucajunmusicfestival.com.

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