Ray Landry and the Vermilionville Ramblers at the Liberty Theater, Jan. 6, 2018
Ray Landry and the Vermilionville Ramblers, a group that matches three veteran Cajun musicians with four outstanding, very talented young musicians, kicked off the New Year at the Liberty Theater’s Rendez-vous des Cajuns Show Jan. 6, 2018.

In addition to Ray Landry on guitar and vocals, the band featured Jimmy Breaux, formerly with BeauSoleil, on accordion and drums; and Carl Hollier, on accordion, vocals and bass. His version of “The Crowley Two-Step,” which he played at the Liberty, is included on the 2017 Valcour Records CD “Cajun Accordion Kings and the Queen.”

The young musicians included Cameron Fontenot, an excellent, highly accomplished fiddle player, who sang “Tous les Soirs,” and Donovan Bourque, Kegan Navarre, and Seth Spell, three first-rate accordionists who also sang and played other instruments.

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