The Lee Benoit Family Band at the Liberty Theater, June 6, 2015.
Lee Benoit, who was inducted into the Cajun French Music Association Hall of Fame in 2014, is not only an outstanding musician but also an excellent songwriter who is keeping the Cajun music tradition moving forward with new compositions.

During their Liberty Theater performance June 6, 2015, the Lee Benoit Family Band offered the audience an evening of original Cajun songs, most written by Lee Benoit, plus some by his friends like Al Berard. Many of the songs were from Lee Benoit’s most recent CD, “Pour Les Générations À Venir” (2014), on which all of the cuts are originals, but the band also performed original songs from other CDs going back to Lee Benoit’s first CD, “Mes Amis,” released in 1994.

The set list included:

“La Visite,” named CFMA “Song of the Year” in 1999, from the CD “Live at Vermilionville” (1998);
“Danse Pas Avec Lui,” “La Musique Résonne Dans Mon Idée,” “T’es Le Samedi Dans Ma Vie,” “Xander Cruz” (the name of Lee’s grandson, whom he addresses in the song), “Ma Chérie,” ”Le Garsoleil,” “Deux Pas de Rayne,” and “Une Visite Avec Pachelbel” (a Cajunized version of music by Johann Pachelbel, who died in 1706, popularly known today as “Pachelbel’s Canon”—a very beautiful accordion and fiddle instrumental), and “Valerie” (first released on the 1994 CD “Mes Amis”), all from the latest CD “Pour Les Générations À Venir” (2014);

“Chicky Town Back Step” and ”Keep On Chooglin’,” from the CD “Dis ‘N’ Dat” (2000);

“Un Pays Oh Si Loin”, “Ma Petite Femme” (named CFMA “Song of the Year” in 2006), “Cidalise” (the name of Lee Benoit’s grandmother, who raised him), “Deux Pas De L’Irlande,” “La Vieille Memere Par La Fenêtre” and “Allons Aller Marier,” from the CD “Ma Petite Femme,” recorded with Al Berard (2005);

“Nonc Lloyd Two-Step,” from the CD “Mes Amis” (1994);

“Bon Temps,” recorded with Lafayette’s Bayou Boys on the CD “Gumbo Zydeco” (2008).

In addition to Lee Benoit on accordion and vocals, other members of the Lee Benoit Family Band at the Liberty included Valerie Benoit (Lee’s wife) on bass; Maegan Benoit (Lee’s daughter) on mandolin and harmony vocals; Gina Forsyth on fiddle; and Kevin Stelly on drums.

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